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Lord St Germain: The Process of Personal Alchemy

Walking Terra Christa presented a journey for the Ascension Mastery Teachings into the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Lord Saint Germain presenting his dissertation on how to achieve Personal Alchemy within the Ascension Pathway. Cosmic Master Allah Gobi, The Manu gave forth a blessing of vibrational energies through Divine Language Network Encoding©. These energies are then transmitted into the Core of Gaia for healing for the Earth and humanity.


Greetings My Dearest Beloveds! I am Yamteleus, Spokes Being of the Clarion Temple of Oneness. 

As we gather together this evening, it is very exciting to have Lord Saint Germain with us. The altar in the middle of the staging area is filtering all 22 Rays of God, Spectrums of Light circling around each of us on all the levels of this glorious temple. 

With several deep breaths, take a moment to allow this beautiful illumination of the Light energies of God to come into your Heart, into your Mind, into all aspects of your Being. This will assist in the preparation for the energies of Lord Saint Germain this evening.

Thank you for being here. Let us continue.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


We of the Angels of the Many Principalities and Angelic Presences overlight the Divine energies to assist in bringing forth peace, love, serenity into all aspects of your beingness.

On the Wings of Angels, we bless you.


Greetings My Dearest Comrades, Initiates, Chelas of all walks of existence. I am Lord Saint Germain deeply honored to be here with each of you. 

How do we learn to understand ourselves, to accept what we are experiencing as an individual, and apply it to the world that we are desiring to exist in, blending the many forms of meditations, Light energies, healing processes, and grounding them into our physical consciousness, our physical reality?

The steps of learning to be fully in Alchemy represent many hard lessons for an Initiate. Many times, those lessons are not learned in the way that the Higher Self desires an individual to accept. So, then lessons are repeated. They may not be the same, but they are similar.

Until every individual Soul in their own journey realizes within themselves this is what they are experiencing with that lesson, there is a process of transformation.

That is the process of Alchemy, of learning to accept the transmutation, the pain, the grief, the death, and rebirth to allow the new part of your higher consciousness to exist within the aspect that is being transformed. The old part of you will be transformed and released if you allow it to be. But if you hold onto aspects within yourself that don’t accept the changes you are going through then you will create much struggle. That struggle can be enormous.

As always, we speak about the element of surrender, of being able to surrender unto the process you are experiencing is fully accepted. But if your Lower Self Consciousness of your ego is telling you otherwise, then that experience is going to be lost in the shuffle of the Higher Consciousness trying to be more within the lower consciousness.

How do we as an Initiate, especially one that may be newer on the pathway or had these experiences previously or maybe went about it in a wrong direction because of their lower self being more in control, accept this?

It is to have trust, it is to have faith, it is to have belief that you are being guided by your Higher Self, you are being guided by the Masters that you are working with especially your Gatekeeper and realize that there is nothing else that can get in the way. But it is when you go back to that consciousness of your Mental Mind, your Concrete Mind that is locked away within your subconscious mind to bring to your ideas of what has happened to you in previous timelines that you encounter challenges.

It’s important that you understand within yourself that you must go through these challenges. That’s the first step.

You must acknowledge within yourself that this is part of the process. You’re not going to like what you are experiencing. You may not even like the direction that the Masters or your Mentors are telling you to go. Yet if you go deeper into your own Essence into your own Higher Consciousness you will see that the truth is revealed to you. That what you are being told by others that have gone through similar experiences is truly greater knowledge. To receive that greater knowledge is absolutely a gold mine within your Heart.

In this moment, I ask each of you to breathe deeply into your Heart Essence. I know some of you may have experienced situations like this where you did not want to accept the advice or energy that was being given to you. This is because there are aspects within your Etheric Self that are from timelines that are of a darker nature that want to control you.

You have to look at it this way, “You are this individual, you have a consciousness, you have a body, you have arrived on the Earth plane, and you have a gift of higher awareness, and you allow yourself to go into that higher consciousness but sometimes you are effected by thought-forms, you’re affected by other energies that may be trying to stop you.

I ask each of you presently to take a deep breath into that and stand up to it. Be the warrior of your Light, be that one within your consciousness that says unto yourself that you truly desire to not have to experience these lower infractions and walk through the doorways of your Divine Truth. 

Breathe into that now as I give unto you that Golden Nugget within your heart so that you can receive the purest State of Transformation within your full consciousness, within all your four bodies of Light.

As I send it to you, feel this Golden fleck of Light coming into your Heart now. I send it to you from the Christ Consciousness of the 12th Ray. I bring that essence into your heart to be your Golden Nugget for you to receive and accept that change is coming for you and that you must acknowledge that change will be instrumental in your existence upon this Earth in many different ways. You don’t know what that change represents so I want you to acknowledge that part of you that is going through a re-creative process.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now feel the expansion, the expansion of that Golden Nugget going to all aspects of all your chakras within your Central Canal, within your Etheric Body to vibrate at a rate that you have not experienced previously. You allow this vibratory energy to become a liquid-like Golden Flame going all the way up to your Crown and back down to your Root Chakra. Let it expand and continue the journey up and down and down and up. Then it extends outwardly into your other Bodies of Light. Your Soul Star and Earth Star are now fully incorporating this energy within you of being the Golden Nugget of your pure existence.

This is exactly where your wisdom comes from. It’s from the particle within your Higher Consciousness of your Higher Mind of your Higher Light Bodies of your I Am Presence to acknowledge within your physical consciousness that change must occur. When you allow yourself to just sit back and receive and not be concerned about anything else, then you are ready to go through the Transmutation it takes to feel this Golden Nugget within your pure existence. Feel it spinning within you, going around you, and becoming part of all that you are.

The best part of the Gold Flame is that it also represents the Higher Flames of Light so there’s an adjustment of Light energy that is occurring within you presently which is allowing your Higher Bodies of Light to the Twelve Body System to be activated.

These frequencies of Light vibrate at the level that your I Am Presence designates for you to receive. Just allow this Divine energy to go through you, within you, and around you. Let go of any misconceptions, any thoughtforms, any areas that prevent you from feeling this pure existence of All That Is.

Imagine your entire chakra system becoming 5th dimensional, 4th dimensional and 3rd dimensional all at the same time as I call upon those Rays of God to assist you.

The Platinum Flame represents all of it with hues of Silver and Gold, a refinement that vibrates within your entire system. It allows the other Rays to become more fine-tuned within your chakras, like the Blue Gold, the Violet Gold, the Pink Gold, the Magenta, and the Multi-White Light. These energies all spin within you through each of the chakras within your chakra system. It wakes up the other Bodies of Light, the 3rd and the 4th dimensional energies to come into that space. There becomes an awareness, an acceptance of All That Is.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Receive all aspects of this energy throughout your entire system. The removal of the elements within your Etheric Self that do not fit this frequency of Light will be burned up into Wholeness, into Oneness. Just allow it to be gone! Feel the purity within your Heart, feel the blessing that you are to your physical self. By acknowledging these Higher Realms of Light, you begin to become them. Very slowly the increments of Light Forces of the Electro-Magnetic frequencies come into your Heart; feel it shift and change everything that is inside of you. 

Be still and receive.

I as Lord Saint Germain want to acknowledge within you that so much more is available to you if you allow yourself to surrender to move out of your controlling mindset. Allow the Higher Mind to help allow the higher heart to allow the blending of these energies of Divine Mother and Father God. They are blessing you in this moment. The Great Central Suns that are ever-present within this temple are presenting to you the ability to move into the next direction guided by your Higher Self. Not you, but your Higher Self. 

Just receive and be still and allow these energies to assist you to go into a deeper existence than you’ve ever felt before.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Allow the higher vibrational essence coming down through your Antahkarana filling up all of your chakras that have been attuned to the 22 Rays of God in these moments. You’re flowing with this Light energy inside of you. It is assisting your physiological system, it is assisting all aspects of your bodily system, your physical body, all the organs, muscles, and tendons. Everything within you is vibrating at a higher level than it was before. Be still, be still and receive these energies.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Breathing deeply. We now send this Blessing of Light down to Gaia through all the dimensions into the Earth plane allowing every Soul to receive a blessing in this moment. It is a vibratory blessing. Whatever that blessing is for them, we ask that they are able to receive it through their own Heart Essence.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

I call upon the Manu Cosmic Master Allah Gobi to extend his blessing to all inhabitants of the Earth, within the Earth, beyond the Earth and within this Temple of Light.


My Dearest Ones. Rest and Receive my blessing for you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

I give you peace, I give you serenity, I give a moment of stillness to be held within your consciousness which is so beneficial for the depth of your Soul.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Allow the vibration to come into your heart and be restful for your Soul.

In All My Blessings. I am Cosmic Master Allah Gobi.


As we now extend those energies from the Earth plane all the way up through the dimensional frequencies into this temple, allow yourself to be still. When you move into the silence as what Allah Gobi just shared with us, the transition from transmutation into transformation becomes very easy. It is when your mind gets in the middle of it and stops the process that it becomes an issue. Be still and allow yourself to receive this Purity of Light into your Heart. Remember the Golden Nugget I shared with you. Let’s connect with that once again.

Feel that Golden Nugget vibrating throughout your entire existence into your higher chakras. You have not been able to ground these higher chakras as yet, but they are there. They’re there to assist you with the Higher Rays of God. Receive this blessing and be still with it.

Accept it into your heart and say unto yourself, “I receive, I believe, I Am All That I Am through ALL I am experiencing through the Divinity of Love of the God Force.”

I as Lord Saint Germain extend unto you this blessing to walk with you, to assist you within the process that you are going through. Remember you do not walk alone. We walk together in all that we are achieving in the State of Serenity, in the State of Oneness, in the State of Transformation as you learn to become your own alchemist.

Remind yourself of what you felt like before coming into this meditation and what you feel like now. That is Personal Alchemy.

Many Blessings. I am Lord Saint Germain at your service.

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