Ascension Mastery Teachings, Clarion Temple of Oneness

Archangels Gabriel and Hope of the Crystalline Flame ~ The Light of God Never Fails

Walking Terra Christa presented Archangels Gabriel and Hope representing the 4th Ray of God of Crystalline for the Ascension Mastery Teachings within the Clarion Temple of Oneness. 

The 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance Through Conflict represents the ability to Resurrect the lower elements within the Root Chakra to be brought into Balance allowing for the movement of flowing light energy to be the determining factor. It brings forth the essence of Hope and Faith through the archangels of this flame.


We now arrive in a field of beautiful flowers. We walk through the meadow across the Rainbow Bridge of the garden pathway, meeting all the beautiful magical elements that are here, the elementals and Angels and birds singing and butterflies, and beautiful essences. Now we see the beautiful Clarion Temple of Oneness.

We walk up the temple steps and we are acknowledged by Archangel Michael’s Warriors who are representatives of this temple. Stepping into the amphitheater, we are now met by Yamteleus, the Spokesbeing for the Clarion Temple of Oneness. We follow Yamteleus all the way down to the first row of the first level.

As we look out, this temple is very large. There are many levels and below us is the presentation area. As we look down, we see Archangels Gabriel and Hope who are awaiting our presence. We will now continue with the energies.


Greetings My Friends, I am Yamteleus. Welcome to the Clarion Temple of Oneness.

We are looking forward to the energies of Gabriel and Hope bringing forth that illustrious Light energy that they both share and ignite through the Divine energies. We can feel it now as the flame of the beautiful temple is pure Crystalline. Within that Crystalline we can see sparkles of many other rainbow colors. I open up the energies to the Angels.


[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


We are the Angels of the Many Principalities as we open up the presence unto our Divine blessing of Archangels Gabriel and Hope. Our blessings to each of you is to fully allow this Divine energy to assist you for the transformation you are going through. All of our blessings in the depth and the presence of the God Force.


We are Gabriel and Hope speaking in unison in this moment bringing forth the Divine qualities of the Crystalline Flame but so much more than that. It is shining a Light where there has been darkness, shining a Light where there has been uncertainty, shining a Light in the power of all that you desire to create within yourself.

As you look at the flame presently, feel the vibrancy of the Crystalline Light expanding throughout the entire temple to every Soul that is here bringing forth the exquisite energies of all that is possible in the realm of the Essence of God.

The vibrancy of this Light allows every Soul to come into a new understanding of themselves without the physical consciousness. This is so very important to realize within yourself the power that you can achieve by bringing forth the allowance of the Divine Creative Essence, that you are a part of, to become your reality.

We bring unto you this Divine essence, sparkles of the Crystalline Light to come into your heart, to vibrate deeply within your bodily system, and to allow it to expand so that it circles within you and eventually around you. Feel this vibratory energy like it is a teardrop.

It is a Spark of Light. Within this Spark of Light allow yourself to fully become more than you were a moment ago. Feel the vibration of this Light. As my favorite saying is, “The Light of God never fails.”

As you bring this essence into your Heart Center, allow it to expand into all parts of your chakra system, your neurological system, your cellular structure, and your Etheric Self. Allow this Light energy to shift within you so that there is nothing else that you concentrate on except for this frequency of Light. With each breath that you take it becomes larger and larger. The Teardrop of Light then becomes more of a larger teardrop. It is no longer a teardrop. It is a Circumference of Light that has a beginning and has an end. But that ending never stops. It continues and you allow it to fully infiltrate your entire chakra system. The Heart expands now. Allow the Heart to open up into new ways of creation. Feel it. Feel this frequency of Light to come fully within you.

I, as Gabriel, extend unto you this Light of God which becomes very physical within your breath. It moves through all of your chakras. It goes down into your Root Chakra. It goes upwards to your Crown Chakra and it is spinning and vibrating. The vibration of this large teardrop picks up debris. As it picks up the debris, it transcends it immediately. Feel this Divine energy occurring within you in this moment.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now feel this Divine energy. It is no longer a teardrop. Think of it as a large Spectrum of Light that has a point at each end and that a point is in your Root chakra and the other point is in your Crown Chakra.

What is reflected within the Crown is now going to be infused within your Root. The blessing of your Crown chakra is the connection to your Divine consciousness, the connection to your Higher Self. The blessing of that Light now comes into your Root Chakra for you to expand upon it. Breathe into this. Breathe into it so that you feel the beauty of harmonization, because that harmonization is coming from your Higher Self. It is coming from your Higher Light Bodies. Allow it to move into the Root chakra to dissipate and change all that does not fit this frequency of Light.

As it spins within you, each of the chakras within your Central Canal, it is going to pick up all the debris that is everywhere, the debris that does not allow you to have full faculty of your Higher Essence, your Higher Mind, your Higher Heart.

The vibration is so strong that you can feel the waves of Love flowing within you. There is nothing more beautiful in this moment.

As I look around the temple, I see everyone expanding. So, now the Spectrum of Light is moving out through the Central Canal into the physical allowing all physical elements that need to be healed to go into this energy. Allow it now to go into the Etheric, the depth and the memory of the Etheric. Yes, the chakras are part of the Etheric, but there is more that is outside of your physical body, also, which is that Divine essence that you are that carries all your woes, that carries all your joys, that carries all that have been.

Absorb the Crystalline Flame as we blend it around and within you as you now feel your Etheric Body spinning with your Physical Body. It is now going to spin into your Emotional Body, your Astral Body. A cleansing process is going on in this moment. As it moves into the Mental Body, there is clarity of thought. Feel this essence occurring for you. Allow your breath to take you deeper and deeper.

If you have a hard time, go back into your Heart. Go back into that vibration of the Heart and feel the highest quality of energies. As you are purging, you are removing the debris. You start to feel a flowing energy, which allows you to expand upon this essence.

This is the Light of God intertwining within all of your bodies, becoming part of your reality, allowing you to be in a state of transcendence. Feel this now. Feel the beauty that you are becoming. Feel the essence of the changes that need to be made but they are not concrete, they are flowing. You are receiving them and accepting them at the same time.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Now breathe deeper and say unto yourself, “The Light Of God Never Fails.”

And, as you say that, it becomes stronger and stronger within you. This Life Force that will allow you to strengthen yourself to be able to step forward and have that Courage within your Divine consciousness, within your physical self to change those thoughtforms, to change those feelings, to change all that you have trouble dealing with. Allow this flow of Light to spin within you.

“Ahhh,” you are a spinning energy now.

Your entire Auric field is being filled with the Crystalline Light Flame. Within this light frequency there is a movement of creativity that can occur, because as you bring in that Harmonization, things shift.

Let it come in. Let it be part of your experience. I now give you my lovely counterpart, Hope.


Greetings My Dearest Ones.

It is my blessing to be with in this moment to extend unto you the feeling of Hope. Transcending the energy is the first part, getting strong with the Light of God, that flame of the Light of God. Now, I give you the softness of that same flame to swirl within your Heart Center to allow you to feel content, because it is opening up that dark doorway within your mind, within your feelings, within your vibratory energies of each of your chakras.

There is a doorway of Light that is within you that gives you a feeling of hopefulness, and within hopefulness there is that desire to be more, that desire to be more to yourself, and to allow this energy to assist you to go into a deeper part of your creative process. It is now flowing through you.

As we extend our energies together, feeling Gabriel, with that strengthening energy of never failing, and myself bringing forth that essence of Hope. I extend unto you a beautiful Light Blue Flame.

This Light Blue Flame is part of the Crystalline Flame. It brings forth a sense of vibratory energy, the softness. Because when you can allow yourself to walk through the challenge and then also receive that essence of Hope, that it is truly possible. You now change through this process. Extend it unto yourself with your breath right now. Feel this vibratory sparkling Light energy that I send unto you.

I ask you to call upon your Solar Angel. Feel your wings. Allow yourself to be in deep gratitude to know that you can call upon this essence that is you. It is a remembrance.

I give unto you this remembrance to have within your consciousness to bring forth a new sense of clarity. Because once you become clear, the road in front of you becomes so much easier. Each step forward is not riddled with fear or anxiousness. It brings forth a sense of contentment, of joy, of grace, being merciful to yourself. Embrace this Divine energy that I extend unto you in this moment.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

As I reach my arms out to you, feel the softness which brings forth great strength. The best part comes because you are transcending the element that you have been dealing with. You breathe and you feel those beautiful essences of the Crystalline Flame and you ground it within yourself. When you allow the grounding of the Crystalline Light, your body will shift. It will heal more deeply. Your Etheric will open up and accept. Your Emotional Body will receive and transmit, and your Mental Body will calm down. Feel this blessing within you now as we come together once again.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Take a moment. As we gather together in this moment, the vibrancy within the temple is magnificent. The flame is growing within everyone in all the different levels of this temple.

We now bring this light energy into a grounding form into the core of Gaia, through all the dimensional frequencies, into the planetary level, going into the core of Gaia and sending it out to all of humanity, sending it out to the animal kingdoms, the plants and the minerals and all of the geographic areas around the world.

Every Soul upon the Earth is receiving this blessing of transcending and in creating. The flow of this energy is moving through the entire globe into all the cities, into all the countries, and into all the areas. Now planet Earth, Gaia, is vibrating with the Crystalline Flame. We can see that Crystalline Flame coming up through the dimensions. It is igniting and is joining our flame here within this glorious Temple of Light.

Let us take a moment and feel these Divine energies because this is Unity, this is Oneness. As we all come together to create the sense of Balance, to create Harmony, and to remove those conflicts to allow them to dissipate through the pure essence of the Light of God, through the pure essence of Hope and allowing every Soul, every being, to come into a state of just for a moment, an Ahhh. And just release that. “Ahhh” and just feel that beautiful essence of Light becoming you.

As now your entire system is vibrating with the Crystalline Flame, your Heart Chakra is expanding with the sense of Hope, the sense of Joyfulness, the sense that there is a better tomorrow, and that better tomorrow is right now. Feel it My Dearest Ones. Feel this blessing that we give unto you as Gabriel and Hope to remember the pure essence of the Light of God shall never fail. It shall never fail.

Allow this vibratory energy to run through you at any given time where you feel the opposite type of energy. Allow the flame of the Light of God to assist you to become more to yourself, to become more to what is around you. Allow the Harmonization, that flowing Light energy that is within you right now, from your Crown to your Heart, to your feet to your Earth Star, and to your Soul Star. The vibratory energy is swirling around you and within you as you become ONE with the Light of God.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

As we stand within this glorious temple, each of us is One within each other. It is our blessing as Archangels Gabriel and Hope of the Crystalline Flame to assist you to go deeper with this energy, to work with it, to allow it to become your Mantra.

All of our love is being sent to each of you.


It is now time for us to rise. We thank Gabriel and Hope for this Divine energy.

As we walk up the steps, we meet up with Yamteleus to bid our farewells along with Archangel Michael’s Warriors.

We walk up the steps onto the garden pathway. Feel the union that has been created that you are One with each of these Divine Beings.

As we walk across the Rainbow Bridge, we gather together to create our beautiful Merkabah Vehicle. It is sparkling so strongly that anyone in the skies can see it. In this inter-dimensional travel, we leave the 36th dimensional frequency, moving down to the 24th, going lower into the 11th, and the 10th, and then into planetary awareness.

We arrive in our own physical location. Ground yourself, breathing deeply.

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 26th, 2021; Clarion Temple of Oneness.

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