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Lord Kuthumi & Lady Pallas Athena ~ Becoming Honorable to your Soul’s Essence

Walking Terra Christa presented Lord Kuthumi and Lady Pallas Athena, Office of the Christ representing the 12th Ray of God, the Gold Flame, for the Ascension Mastery Teachings within the Clarion Temple of Oneness. 

The Gold Flame is the 12th Ray of God Integrating the Christ Consciousness of Divine Love, Will, and Power. This flame is essential for the Heart Center and the Three-Fold Flame Energies.


Welcome My Dearest Comrades! I am Yamteleus. I thank you for being here with us. There has been much activity within the temple throughout the last few weeks especially since the Wesak energies as many Souls are going through an internal healing process from the Wesak Festival moving towards the Festival of Humanity and continuing throughout the next several months. It clearly is a very powerful time not just on the planet but within the Inner Plane levels as we are supporting each of you deeply for all that you are experiencing. We ask all the Souls that have been released from their bodies in the last week to fully come visit the Temple and join us as we come together in comradery.

Blessings to Everyone.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


We are the Angels of the Many Principalities on the Inner Plane levels bringing forth our Wings of Love and Light and Healing and the expression of each of us coming together in the pure essence of our hearts as we sing within each other. 

Angels Singing

We surround each of you with our Divine Love and we thank you for walking the Earth.

Blessings on the Wings of our Light.


Greetings My Dearest Friends! I am Lord Kuthumi. I am deeply honored to be here within the temple along with my colleague, Lady Pallas Athena.

As we stand in this beautiful amphitheatre, the strength of the Gold Flame is everywhere around us and there’s a beautiful flame igniting right in the center that originates from the 49th dimensional frequency coming down into this temple and continues its journey all the way through the lower dimensions into the core of Gaia.

The beauty of allowing oneself to become more aligned with the Christ Consciousness represents a walk in many realities. As a Soul we have to experience all aspects of our beingness that existed for eons of time to walk through the doorway to receive the blessing of the Christ Consciousness. We do not fully become that Christ Consciousness until one experiences the Initiations that takes us through the aspects of the Christ Consciousness and many more elements representing all the FLAMES OF GOD.

As we stand here together and come in unison of the 12 FLAMES OF GOD it always comes to mind the times of great comradery upon the Earth when we gather together in the temples to celebrate the Divine energies of Love, the Divine energies of the Light and the ability to be strong within ourselves to continue that journey. Now, each of us as the Ascended Masters and Ascended Light Beings no longer have to walk through those Initiations but we have our own HIGHER Initiations where we continually learn our processes. There is no other way for an Ascended Master to ascend to the next level without accepting the lessons of the previous levels. That’s exactly what each of you are experiencing since the Wesak energies.

You travelled to Shamballa, you received the Divine Blessings of Lord Buddha and each of us as the Masters. You received two Masters to work with along with Lady Isis bringing forth the Red-Carpet treatment, or I should say the Seafoam Green treatment to allow the blessings of your higher heart to be an acknowledgement within the internal system that you incorporate within yourself.

This represents your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Etheric bodies to come together in unison. That in itself is a task that one may not understand. It comes into an extension of who you have been without a body, who you are as a Soul Essence, who you are as a Monad, who you are as the Communal Essence of all your Light Bodies which we call the I am Presence.

So, what happens through this transference of energies is you now have to accept what you are experiencing as the TRUTH and that truth can be overwhelming, it can be very agitating, or it can be very emotional. But it can also be very beautiful.

To really extend unto yourself the ability to walk into a new phase of your existence as a Soul but also being able to experience it in your physical body is the process of De-Ascension. Not just as a Soul as so many of the Souls here in this moment are experiencing it without their bodies.

You have the availability within your physical existence as a human to experience these energies in many levels of healing. When you realize the potential of that healing, then, that is when you accept that the change you are going through is for the betterment of your Soul. It’s for the betterment of your physical life, your emotional existence, and your mental clarification in which the Higher Mind allows for the Etheric Self to go through changes of releasing aspects that no longer need to be held within your consciousness.

Now, we all know that this process is very challenging. It goes very deep. But the point is how well are you accepting those challenges presently?

  • Are you fighting these energies?
  • Are you complaining about what you are going through?
  • Or are you saying to yourself, “Well this must be part of the process so I will move through these energies. I will allow myself to live in a better existence within my Soul’s Essence, within my physical personality to take on what the issues represent and allow them to be part of the internal process of healing.”

It’s a growth process that each of you are going through. When you can remind yourself of that growth process then that is when you will surrender. You will surrender unto the deepest depths of your Soul.

It is important to allow yourself to be truthful with what you are experiencing, the good, the bad, the indifference. Because, when you do, then you accept the promise of a new tomorrow.

As we open up the energies to Lady Pallas Athena the Goddess of Truth, I believe that she can impart unto each of you a softness yet an impartial thought experience that will help you to see that the Truth is your friend and not your enemy.

I give unto you her essence in this moment.


Greetings My Dearest Beloveds. I am Lady Pallas Athena, and I am deeply honored to be standing here with Lord Kuthumi representing the Christ Consciousness and the 12th Flame, but most of all representing MY essence of what it means to HONOR yourself in a way that is different for each of you.

Honorability of the Soul is one that allows for the openness of the Heart to expand and within that Heart Essence there’s a truth hiding away within you for every internal element you are working upon.

This is where the true growth occurs within your consciousness, within your Heart Essence, allowing you to come into a new state of energy, a new state of existence, a new state of consciousness. Because once you allow the transformation of that consciousness to be part of your Mental self then you are accessing the Divine components that are within the source of your existence. 

Let us first look at the source of existence of your Etheric Self as it has travelled all lifetimes with you. In fact, it is your vehicle that takes you in and out of areas. It allows you to transform yourself so that you can prepare for this lifetime.

What we don’t realize as a Soul is that walking into each lifetime there are many doorways. Some are very evasive, some are very opening, some are very secretive. But ALL of them represent the true source of your existence.

If you allow yourself to fully become that True Source, then you will understand the process as it is coming from your Higher Mind. Your Personality Self is just a vehicle, and this is what you must remind yourself of. Your Personality Self is not the one that should be in control through Ascension Mastery. You must allow yourself to realize the potential of your Higher Light Bodies and how they interact within you to help you transform the deepest parts of your insecure self to be realized. Because once you allow that to occur, then it becomes very commonplace. It’s like an ‘aha’ moment.

As we all sit here in this moment within the Gold Flame, we bring forth unto you the elements of truth, the truth of God’s Light to be within your consciousness, to be within your Heart, to be within ALL that you are receiving in each moment.

The first element you must do is to trust in what I share. You must trust in the fact that we all are here together to receive the Divine Consciousness of the Source of God to be realized within each of our Hearts. Because within that Divine energy there is no element of secrets. The secrets occur in the lifetimes. They don’t occur within the God Source.

We extend unto you this blessing to assist in this process.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

“As you stand at the opening of a new reality to be realized within your consciousness, allow yourself to say within your consciousness that you are a Divine Being of the Source of Light of all that you are of your Higher Light Bodies and you desire to have that Full Realization to become part of your existence within your personality; to strip away what the personality has created, to strip away the lower elements, the dysfunctions, the judgments, the experiences of life upon planetary systems that have put you in a stronghold situation that does not allow you to be free-flowing and understanding of yourself.”

“I, as Lady Pallas Athena, bring forth these Divine energies unto you in this moment to help you with your Truth as I bring the Sword of Truth through your entire chakra system, through your entire bodily system to allow the Full Realization that you are to become part of who you desire to be from your Soul’s Essence (not your Personality Essence). We break apart the personality in this moment. The personality is full of judgments, it is full of dysfunctions, it is full of mental accolades that don’t allow you to be free-flowing in what you are experiencing.”

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

“I, as Lady Pallas Athena here with Lord Kuthumi, bring forth our Swords of the Gold Flame to flow from the top of your Antahkarana Bridge into your Soul Star and allow the Soul Star to be filtered with this Divine Light that creates your Divine Truth to be realized within you. It FLOWS all the way through your Central Canal opening up all the energies, opening up all the secrets, the doorways that you’ve been hiding behind, allowing those elements to be realized in your experience as an Initiate, as a Chela of Ascension Mastery, embracing the process of that walk each step that you take. Feel the power of that energy, feel the strength occurring for you, because it comes to you as we extend it unto you.”

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

It is now your time to fully remember your Gatekeeper, the one that is protecting you. Remind yourself of your Solar Angel to allow your Higher Self to be the guiding rule within your consciousness. Feel this coming through your internal system. Let it come into your system physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as the Etheric Body is carrying the Divine Light that you so desire to hold within you. The vibrancy of your truth, the mirror is front of you, and you see that truth now, and you also see the truths you have not wanted to look at. Allow this energy to dissipate them to allow them to be changed, to allow them to be in the consciousness of the God Source of Light through the Creative Source of Oneness, through the Unified Whole energies. Remove the elements of your karma. No longer allow yourself to have to create more karma. You want to release it, you want to dissipate it, you want to become more to yourself than you ever have before.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

I, as Pallas Athena, bring unto you this blessing. Honor Thyself! Honor yourself more deeply than anything else. Not your personality self, not your ego, not the parts of yourself that you think are real but HONOR your Soul’s Essence. HONOR the part of you of your spiritual self to become more involved within your consciousness. Allow it to be in these moments.

I thank Lord Kuthumi for inviting me to this session. I now open up the energies for us to assist you more deeply.


I, as Lord Kuthumi with Lady Pallas Athena come in the unity of the Gold Flame, so we call upon all the teachers and the Masters of the Christ Consciousness, the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace, the Elohim Council of Light, and Lord Buddha to oversee this energy to be representative of the Divine Truth of every Soul upon the Earth and see the beautiful exultation of that Light transforming them, making them feel blessed and accepted by All That Is.

Let us extend these energies unto Gaia.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

It travels down through all of the dimensions from the 36th all the way through the 24th, the 11th, the 10th, and into planetary awareness. The core of Gaia receives this Light energy as it comes into her core essence; it’s a beautiful Golden Essence that actually sparkles when it arrives. It’s like a burst of the sun coming into the Earth and that energy extends to all lifeforms upon the Earth feeling the blessing of the Christ Consciousness through waves of thought, through waves of emotion, through waves of allowing the karmic debts to be removed and to allow no other karma to be created, to come together in unity in all that we are together.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

As the energy now returns upwards into this glorious Temple of Light, we vibrate with ALL the dimensions as we bring forth that unity of all that we are together. Feeling this coming into your heart, expanding it within you as you become One with all that you are in all of your Light Bodies, in your I Am Presence as we of Lord Kuthumi and Pallas Athena extend our service to each of you to go deeper within these energies to allow them to transform what you have not been able to see.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

In all our blessings of the Christ Consciousness and the GOLD FLAME, each of us extends our Divine Love, our Divine Blessing and Service to each of you and humanity.

So Mote it Be; Let it Be Done.

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 31st, 2022; Clarion Temple of Oneness.

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