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Master Hilarion ~ Perseverance of Becoming Your Divine Truth

Walking Terra Christa presented Master Hilarion, the Ray Chohan for the 5th Ray of the Science of the Divine Mind for the Ascension Mastery Teachings within the Clarion Temple of Oneness . 

The 5th Ray represents the Flame of Green-Golden White bringing forth Divine Truth, Harmony of the Spheres, with Concentration and Consecration.


Greetings My Dearest Friends!  I am Yamteleus. It is a pleasure to be here with each of you once again. 

Thank you to all the Souls that are arriving within the temple. The blessings that we are receiving within the temple presently are beyond the comprehension of any one realization no matter what dimensional frequency you reside in.

This temple is growing every day, every moment, with more and more Souls arriving, desiring to feel these Divine energies and to also assist the planetary energies of Gaia. That is a beautiful experience to hold. Each of us is making an impression unto humanity, unto the Earth, into the changes that everyone is experiencing. I thank you for being here. 

Namaste’, I am Yamteleus.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


We are the Angels of All Principalities within the Angelic Realms blessing every Soul here, blessing each of you to feel your OWN PRESENCE OF LIGHT to assist you to realize that there is so much MORE for you to acquire within your Heart’s Essence. We are deeply enamored by each of you and give forth OUR exquisite moment of acceleration and bliss. 

We walk with you each moment.


Greetings My Friends! Greetings! I am very honored to be here. I am Master Hilarion Ray Chohan for the 5th Flame of God representing the Science of the Divine Mind, the Science of God to bring forth an exchange of energies to assist each of you to realize the potential that you have within your Divine Masculine Self.

The Divine Masculine Self is acquired through the elevation of your consciousness through the many realms of existence that you are experiencing presently. One does not experience the Divine Masculine just because you have a mental body. It has to be acquired, it has to be blessed, and it has to be accepted. That acceptance is very important within the world of Balance of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.

The Divine Masculine is the holder of the Divine Feminine. It is that part of you that needs to acknowledge that you are part of a greater whole and that you are not just on your own. Within the physical consciousness this is not so. One may ask, “Why is it that way?” 

It is because of the Veil of Forgetfulness, it is the veil of the Earth plane that has been held in darkness, a veil placed around the entire globe of the Earth. That veil is now being removed in order for every Soul to open themselves up into a new reality of existence within their physical consciousness. This is WHY so many individuals are awakening especially throughout the last fifty years.

What happens within that element is the progression of healing which must occur. Instead of allowing the Mental Body to take over, as it has for centuries upon the Earth, it must take a back seat and go through a deep healing process. That is exactly what each of you are experiencing.

Every Soul that comes into this Earth has a very strong mental mind within themselves. But it depends upon their history, their Soul’s essence of what they have experienced before, of how well they are able to break through those walls and allow the Divine Feminine to be part of the existence and not separate from it.

Unfortunately, Humanity is not there yet. But there are many individuals that are experiencing this with Love, Acceptance, and Helping other individuals. But, most of all, I think that humanity in a general circumstance needs to realize within itself that it has a long way to go. That is why we are here to assist.

In order for the Mental Realm or your Mental Body to come into the alignment of your Divine Masculine, you must have moments such as this and a deep meditation through your breath. 

I hope each of you are practicing that breath presently. It will help you to get out of the mental accolades, the thought processes within your Mental Body that occur persistently. You see, it is not the fault of the Mental Mind. It is just that it is so used to working in that way that it must be retrained or re-programmed which is exactly what you are doing through these energies.

In order to experience Divine Harmony through the Divine Masculine, one must realize the potential of the process of the Divine Father God. What essence does He bring forth to assist in this process? 

Some individuals may say, “Well, isn’t that the way God has wanted it, for us to be stronger in our Mental Body and step forward and be the warriors of the world as it needs that?”

Unfortunately, that is NOT a correct assumption. In truth, it is just that the many levels of pantheons, those elements of the world that hold STRONG to the Higher commanding Light energies thinking they were God. In truth, everyone was the same, but it was not experienced in that way. 

In this moment in time, in this history, every Soul has the ability to stand in the face of the Divine Father God and realize that all He wants for each of us is to be blessed by His energies and to walk upon the Earth with that blessing that He gives forth.

That blessing can only be felt when one is ready to surrender the inner thoughts within the mental realm that may hold an individual in a different consciousness than what the God Source desires us to be.

That is why this Flame, this Light that I bring forth today of the Green Gold and White represents that Frequency of Light to be all things and all energies in the way that we need to acquire Divine Harmony. 

Softness is necessary in the Masculine Self. Some of you may not understand that element.

The Masculine Self needs love just like the Feminine Self. It is the beauty of the Divine Feminine which is that she ignites the softness unto the Masculine. But so many times an individual in their consciousness, is NOT ready to receive that softness. They want to forge ahead on their own, thinking that THEY are in control.

In these moments what we bring forth is the blessing of the Green Gold and White Flame to assist in that process of breaking down the accolades of the mental mind in order to truly feel the blessing of the Divine Father Essence of the Will, the ability to step forward, being courageous, and to love. 

It takes great strength to open up the arms unto the Divine Feminine and realize that she has just as much to give to the Masculine as the Masculine has to give to her. That is the Beauty of learning how to bring forth the opening energies to allow this to happen. 

Take a deep breath and feel the Green Gold and White Flame FLOWING throughout this entire temple like a movement of a Light Form from the TOP of the 49th Dimension coming down into the 36th Dimension. We then extend it all the way down into Gaia, her core essence. The Green Gold and White is merging together in a beautiful light swirling around this entire temple in a circular manner so that every Soul that is here is going to receive this beautiful essence of opening.

We call this the Harmony of the Spheres.

The Harmony of the Spheres can represent many different realms. It can represent music, it can represent movement, it can represent frequencies changing from UP to DOWN. 

I call upon the Elders from the Throne of Grace Lord Zatheeah and Lady Zatheeia to bring forth their beautiful essence within this temple to allow the Harmony of the Spheres that is so representative of the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia to allow the healing from Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary to give a blessing to each of you through this energetic exchange.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding] 

Breathing deeply, feel the vibrational essence of that Divine Language Network Light Encoding to flow through all parts of your existence allowing you now to be more open to allow the Divine Masculine to receive this Frequency of Light. As you breathe deeper into this communication, allow your Divine Masculine to break apart the elements within itself that have been holding you back, telling you different things that are not true of the creative process within your Higher consciousness that you are beginning to receive. Let it flow within you.

I give you the Strength of Perseverance. 

It is very important that we persevere through the lower elements to the higher elements into the lower once again. Remind yourself that it is a journey. It is a completely different energy pattern than you have ever experienced previously. Allow this to come into your Frequency of Light. Allow it to grow into ALL THAT YOU ARE and ALL THAT YOU CAN BE! 

You persevere. .Within that command, it means to be able to HOLD the energy, reminding yourself through the Green Gold and White Flame to become that which you desire to be from your Highest consciousness into your physical consciousness. Allow it to grow so deeply within you that there is nothing else that is more important.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding] 

Allow the vibrational essence spinning around you in this moment to flow through, not just your Third Eye and your Higher Mind, but allow it to come into all parts of your existence. The way to bring forth Balance in your system is to allow all parts of your Four Body System to receive this Divine energy. Receive it through the Physical, receive it through the Etheric, receive it through the Emotional and the Mental. 

NOW allow the Mental Mind to become more open to receive the Divine Masculine. 

FEEL this Divine energy coming closer to you.  It is a beautiful essence to uphold. The Divine Masculine represents all the elements of the Divine Father. He is filled with the most Blessing of Love that you can experience. Let that come into your consciousness in this present moment. Remember to Persevere that if there are elements within you that are trying to stop this process, let them be dissipated through this Frequency of Light that is within this temple. It is swirling and moving in multi-directions allowing it to become a God Force energy within you.

This is your ability to feel Spiritual Harmony within you. It does not mean that the other elements are not still there. It is just that in this moment everything is coming together. There is a blessing, withinn your own Heart Essence. Your Divine Feminine is feeling the Divine Masculine breaking down and being full of Love. In this creative process your Divine Masculine has much more power than it did in the previous consciousness that was holding you back with the Mental Mind. The Mental Mind now becomes the Higher Mind. It becomes your Divine Self. It becomes the Masculine Self of the God Source of Light.

Feel this God Source of Light swirling within you and around you in many directions as you become ONE within the Masculine Mind. It is in this moment that the thoughts shift. There are more blessings, there is more love, and there is more acceptance. There is a sense of feeling empowered through these Light energies.

Allow that to extend all the way through your chakras that NEED that empowerment letting it come more deeply into your consciousness, but in your physical awareness, your Four Body System. Your Higher Light Bodies already have this energy. Bring forth a communion occurring within your heart in this moment.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

I, as Master Hilarion, invoke unto each of you to receive this Divine Light energy to break down your Mental Self into the Divine Masculine. The SPARKLES of the Green Gold and White flow within your consciousness allowing your Masculine Self to be blessed with this Divine Love.

When you call upon my name as Master Hilarion, I will assist you in allowing the State of Perseverance to always be your guide. Do NOT forget this because your mind will try to forget. This is a process; it is a training program. You are in a training of your Higher Mind to become more integrated with your lower mind, your physical consciousness. It allows the blessing of the Divine Feminine to extend HER Light energy. FEEL the blessing of your Feminine Divine. HOLD it deeply with your Divine Masculine, your Masculine Self as they blend together into one consciousness of Light.

We extend these energies now unto the Earth plane. We have already sent the Flame of the Green Gold and White so let us bring the consciousness of that Green Gold and White and bring it unto humanity,  going into the Core of Gaia, circling within her Crystalline Structure of Light, allowing Her to relax, allowing Her to feel the blessing of the Divine Masculine blending with the Divine Feminine assisting all Souls upon the Earth to receive this Light infraction, even if it is just one small second of their life, to hold it deeply within themselves and to realize THIS is the WAY to live. This is the way of Beingness. This is the way of Love.

We bring those energies back up into the temple in this moment. Feel that connection with all of the dimensional frequencies bringing the sense of Oneness through each of us and around us and within us. Breathe deeply into that essence.

I, as Master Hilarion, walk with each of you bringing forth that ability to be strengthened, to be empowered, and most of all to be loved through your Masculine Self unto the Feminine Self as they work together as one.

So Mote it Be; Let it Be Done.

I, as Master Hilarion, walk with you each moment.


©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 16th, 2020; Clarion Temple of Oneness.

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