Clarion Temple of Oneness

The Blue Flame Ignites the Pathway of Mastery ~ Lord Melchizedek

sky.jpgThis is a transcription of the Clarion Temple of Oneness on September 30th, 2013.


It is I, Lord Melchizedek.  I thank you, Cosmic Great Central Sun, for that beautiful introduction to the Blue flame.  Oh! What a powerful time it is within each of us to remember, to reflect, and to make the necessary changes of what occurred previously to make it so much more magnificent.  That is what we are all experiencing presently.

I am deeply honored to be here within this Temple at this time.  I thank you for allowing me to speak.  What does this truly mean for the Melchizedek Priesthood?

It means that more individuals are going to be awakened that have been asleep to remember the steps and quality of what we have created in this lifetime.  I go back way back even before Lemuria; I go way back to the creation of Light frequencies of this planet.  I reflect unto the time more often now than I ever have previously, because we are coming into that space of creative energies so that elements can flow into our consciousness.  It represents the fact of not being so concerned about the self and why, I as the person is not good as I could be, as intelligent as I was, or as beautiful as I would like to be.

All those comments that we bring forth into the human mind seem so inconsequential in this moment of time as they have no credence within our existence.  There is no thought process that can stay in that constriction, because that is truly not what the Higher Mind represents.  It is quite beautiful of so many waking up and the doorways will be opening unto the Melchizedek Priesthood.

So each of you are going to be challenged even more to be part of those teachings in a more conscious way, and we are preparing to give you more of those teachings within Walking Terra Christa.  I know nothing has been formulated yet but there have been many discussions that we have had on the inner plane level.  It is not my time to share about that now, because you are in a preparatory stage as each of you are understanding what that means.

What does that mean to be part of the Melchizedek Priesthood? Well, it means that you are stepping upon the Mastery pathway and that you are willing to go further in to the depths of your soul than your physical body can handle.

That is a challenge within itself and within the preparatory stages of the initiation we usually do not talk about such things because that is inconsequential at that point.  But now that things have shifted upon the Earth with the awakening is happening on a much deeper level and individuals are receiving more of themselves than they ever thought possible, more will be joining our pilgrimage of light.  They are learning that there is more to their pathway than just being “a light worker” and what does that mean; it means one who works with the Light.  Just because you work with the Light, you are intuiting the Light and allowing it to new part of your entire consciousness twenty four hours a day, does not mean you are ready to step into the priesthood, but it does represent the fact that each of you are learning to represent being the Light.  This is why not every one steps into Mastery immediately; it takes great concentration and discernment within the soul’s mind to really figure out if that is truly what they want, because there are great challenges to release old aspects of life and circumstances once you get deeper into the Mastery pathway.

Some may think that every one is on the Mastery pathway just because they feel the acceleration and that is not true.  There are many different levels to a light worker, and what I want to share with you this evening is the ability to delve deeper into your soul’s essence as this is what the energy is allowing you to do.

You must remember because you think you feel your Higher Self is coming into your body does not mean he or she is fully there yet, it takes time.  It’s like returning to a place that you feel is home, but you are not quite ready to move there.  This is what your Higher Self is doing within each of you.  It takes great practice and diligence to connect with that essence continually.  The fact that you are feeling her or his essence coming into your physical body is a great revelation; in other times, it would have taken many years for this to occur.

Allowing this to happen is the first step so then what do you do with this? In your Lower Mind, it will cease to exist; it will blend within the Higher Mind and the conversations you have with your-self is always geared to the highest purpose and not the physical purpose.  That is quite a jump from one cliff to another.

I acknowledge each of you for making that step.  We are in mass consciousness.  Do you know what that means?  It means that here on this planet there are more people awakening to the power of this Light than was ever thought possible. The fact that each of you have stayed and grounded these energies and continue your pathway means that you are very diligent student; and not only that, you have walked this pathway before and not quite have gotten to the part that you are at now.

So it may seem easy at first, Oh! I got this one yeah!

This is easy.  I just step into this Light and everything happens for me.

Well, now you are finding out that this is not what happens because the body has to fully incorporate these energies within the physical existence and within that your consciousness it changes; your Subconscious has to change all those parts of yourself which have to be removed in order for the Super-conscious to be able to blend within you.  That is a lot of tests that you are going through; these test are not geared from us, the Spiritual Hierarchy.  They are actually geared from your Higher Self.  It occurs when you are ready to step in the new world; when you are ready to be the voice, when you are ready to be the teacher, when you are ready to be the healer and sometimes you have to do it with out even sure if you are fully there yet.

As Dearest Joshua always said to Meleriessee “Fake it till you make it,” and that is what you have to do.  You have to act if you are already there and just step into that world and continue to challenge yourself; but I will tell you with the Blue flame now incorporated upon Gaia, it is going to become so much easier for all of you.

So I want to acknowledge all the Ones that truly have left this planet, that opened up these energies and more.  I want to thank the Ones that are continually doing it, that have been doing it for many years, I want to thank all of the people upon this Earth that opened up their Hearts unto a new way of thinking.  I want to thank the ones that have stood against adversity in your history of these lands that opened up the doorway.

There have been some great teachers that have done so.  Now think about that think about Mohammed Gandhi and how he did it and it was not mass consciousness.  So if we take his diligence and his power and bring some of his essences into you, you will see what you have to do is very small compared to what he achieved.  There are others, many others as you know that have helped United States of America even against adversity.  I ask each of you as an initiate, as person in training for the Mastery pathway to allow these energies to fully enfold within you to help you be stronger.  Because you will find adversity; you may not find it in a physical nature as Gandhi did as Martin Luther King; you will find it in environmental energies, you will find it in thought forms, you will find it in elements that don’t want the creation of Light within GAIA to occur.

The darkness is not gone but within the Blue flame we have the best teachers, the best masters to assist within the planet.  There are many that pray to Archangel Michael who is a very powerful one with his counter part Faith and with all the energetic energies of the Elohim, which is now going to become more fully grounded and we cannot forget the Holy Kumaras because they are a major part of these essences being ignited within your world.  They have all been warriors; they have all done the same as you have done. and now it s time to allow each of those essences to help you, to help you in the lands of Gaia, to help you in your personal life, to help you to be the strength and courage as you light the torch for others to step into.  So my role with each of you is going to become stronger, because we will be working together more closely, and it is very important for us to understand each other.

You can stay in the frequency of Light and to be the Light and the warrior must accept that it is not what you came here to do you; you came here to assist in the process.  So what we bring forth unto you this evening is all these beautiful Rays of God to assist you but know that the Blue flame is being grounded.  So if you take that into consideration of what grounding means in this circumstance.  It is already in place and all you have to do is incorporate it to allow it to be you and all the other flames will come to you also through the process.

The aspect that I want to concentrate on in this moment is to help you to remember is that the Blue flame also represents the Masculine divine so he has to put down his warrior aspects, he has to put down his aggressions, he has to put down his wanting to be in command.  Allow him to show his strength but also allow him to have his companion of the Feminine Divine.  He is so very ready to do so if you allow it to be.

This represents another aspect that I bring to you this evening for the Melchizedek Priesthood which must be acquired.  Yes, we want to assist more of you to understand thee processes but we do so by walking the path ourselves with the greatest teachers we know.  So I am here in this essence along with all the others of the Blue flame to assist you to understand more about yourself and the journey that you are on.  It is very much in the beginning, and the pathway is opened wide for you to step onto.  The more challenges that you learn and put yourself through, the pathway becomes wider, wider and wider and wider.  What you must remember is that you need faith through that process.  So I ask of you right now to really connect with these energies.  Do not project where you need to be in the next moment.  Allow yourself to continue the healing that is happening within you.  Do not question what is happening and what needs to be purged.  It will be purged through your physical body, through your emotional body, through your mental body, because the etheric body is finally starting to settle in and allowing those old essences to be removed.

It is my pleasure as Lord Melchizedek to stand with each of you now in this Temple.


Let us open the pathway for more to step into Mastery, let us allow the light workers to realize the depth that they need to go into is much deeper then where are they are now.  So let us open up the doorway of the Blue flame to assist them, let us open up the doorway of the Blue flame unto the Earth, unto massive consciousness of humanity to awaken unto a deeper part of themselves.  Allow their destiny to be created of the one that they have chosen before this incarnation, allow the creation of blockages and dysfunction to be removed so that the true self can be revealed let us expand this energy to all parts of the world.


Breathe in deeply bringing the essences in o your Heart, feeling the expansion within yourself, feeling this strength and your courage, your trust of your Higher Self to fully guide you in this moment.  Even if you are not receiving complete messages, know that it comes from the sense, know it comes from the feeling, know that it comes from the heart, know it comes from true faith to continually hold this Light and walk when it is time to walk and to stay when it is time to stabilize.  That is the power of the Higher Mind, that is the power of the knowingness to come within each of you.

It is my pleasure as Lord Melchizedek to share with you these essences of the Mastery pathway.  Know that you will not always know what your future is which is perfect; just know in the moment what feels right so that you are in the right space, in the right time, in the right moment of your own Creative Source.  Allow yourself to understand more of yourself by being silent and allowing the pathway to open wider as more will be arriving to wake up.  We need you; we need you to understand yourself.

Deep blessings to each of you for an amazing journey of Light.

I am Lord Melchizedek greatly humbled to walk with you.

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March 26th, 2012 ~ Lord Melchizedek Speaks for the Brotherhood of White Light ~ CELEBRATING YOU!


This is Fred speaking.  Once again, welcome you to the Temple and we welcome the individuals that have been called upon and many others in the reflection that is coming through each of your Essences in this moment, we ask each of you to take a deep breath.  As the work that you have been doing is tremendous and the Elements within you to prepare yourself for the next levels of Frequencies onto this Earth Plane are deeply necessary.  I think tonight there is going to be more of a calming Element, to assist each of you in the changes that you have been going through with processes of experiences.  It is my pleasure to now step aside as our  Guest Teacher of the evening comes forward in all their glory.  It is my divine pleasure in this moment to be here as the Spokes-Being in the Temple.




Greetings.  It is my Divine pleasure to be here in this moment within this amazing Temple of the Frequency of the Light of Oneness that is incorporated within the entire Essence which is the circumference of the structure that brings forth the Beauty and the Expression of each and everyone of you.  It is my pleasure to be here with you.  I know each of you are saying right now “Okay.  Who are you?”, well, there were many that were going to speak but, in the reference of the expression that is needed for each of you, we just ask you to take a moment to feel your own reflection deeply within your own mind as we bring forth this Frequency unto you in this moment.

I come as a Spokes-Being of Many.  In this moment, I reflect unto you as Lord Melchizedek but I also bring in the Essences of many Masters, some of whom I will mention because their Frequencies are flowing in this moment also.  I am not just speaking  for me, I am speaking for the entire Brotherhood of Light, I speak for Mahatma Gandhi, I speak for Master Babaji, I speak for Lord Buddha, I speak for many others, many that you know and have walked with individually and together.  I want each of you to express unto yourself in this moment, just a breath – a breath of relaxation because in another 10 days or so, two weeks, you’re going to be going through more inner reflections within you, to assist the Planet of the Resurrection of the Festival of the Christ – preparing each of  you to move to another aspect of yourselves within the Physical Being that you are, within these bodies.  As we gather here with the many – of the Masters, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of all the Ray Chohans, of all the Divine Lady Masters, in the aspect of every Being that has ever walked upon this planet – and extend unto each of you a Blessing of Balance, a blessing of Peace, a blessing of Joy; just to relax unto yourself.

As I feel the Frequencies in this moment, I know Dearest One here had some lack of understanding of who was about to come through, because she felt all these Masters that I have mentioned and more, ready to express themselves – because each of them are expressing unto me.  As this Temple means the Consciousness of the One, more so lately then it has been previously, but it has been growing into that space of continuum.  Christine does not remember, but this is the month that she created the Temple of 911 – she didn’t create it, we all created it – she actualized it in the physical minds and hearts of the group of individuals in the amazing effort, that it has grown to so many through the world, is an expression of what we truly are excited about.  So yes, it’s been over a decade when the Temple has been fully activated.  We’ve chosen this evening as a State Of Remembrance.  So what does that mean for each of you in your own state of remembrance?

Allow the reflection of yourself to be fully within your physical body, because, what does this Temple represent? This Temple represents the Love and the Expression of every individual Soul that arrives here, it is about healing but also it is about the integration of the Highest Essence of  the Over-Soul, the I Am Presence, to fully  incorporate within that Soul- because, even as the Souls that come here that are newly departed or have been departed for sometime – there is forgetfulness within them.  I know that you, as the humans on the Earth,  probably find that incomprehensible, because you think that everything happens to you when you pass over, without the body that instantaneously, you remember all things and  all Dimensions and all Frequencies, this is not so.  There is forgetfulness in all levels within a Soul’s Essence, within that Cellular Structure.  Tonight we are actually celebrating everyone.  Celebrating everyone that has arrived, some have left and gone on to what they need to be doing, some are newly activated within the Temple, some are remembering themselves deeper then they ever have before – but we’re all here in the Group Consciousness of the One.  It is my pleasure as Lord Melchizedek to fully express these Elements unto  you, to allow you to feel yourself – of what you have accomplished.  I’m not talking about just those Earth Energies, that you incorporate within you and what you have accomplished in these Earth bodies upon these pathways – I’m talking about all Elements for your own sense of well-being in the Highest Frequency that is possible, to come fully within your physical vehicle.

Your vehicles are changing.  They’re changing deeply to allow the expression of yourself to be more fully activated, for you to accept the Divinity of your Essence within a physical body.  So within those Elements, you’re going to feel the senses more deeply – you’re going to feel the sound, the voice, the hearing, the expression of feeling, of sensing, of actualizing – all these Elements that are part of your Soul’s Essence, are not always awakened.  So you physical body is being awakened unto the senses of your Higher Self.

What exactly does this mean? Well, it means that your Higher Self has Elements within that Etheric Body, and the more you become activated within your Higher Self, and allow that Higher Self to be actualized within the Physical vehicle – then the physical body has to become more accustomed to it.  Because, previously, the physical body and the Higher Self have acted individually, they’re acted on their own.  Yes, the physical body has activated the Higher Self through quiet states, through meditation, through sleep states, through memory phases, dream states but never in physical awareness, never in your consciousness of opening up your eyes and saying “Yes, I Am my Higher Self”.  This is a new Element that each of you are expressing within you.

Within this new Element that is occurring – brings in these Higher Frequencies that the Higher part of you is actualizing.  Then we have the Over Soul, the I Am Presence.  The I Am Presence that is activated with that Group Consciousness of your Family.  First with the 12 individual personalities of your Monad and the 144, and then all of us together –  makes up 144,000.  Wow! What a concept – of bringing in that Frequency onto yourself.  No wonder it can get kind of crazy within your Essence and your physical remembrance.  So, I express unto you in this moment.  I embrace each of you.   I embrace each of you and what you are expanding within yourself.  The physical body is being challenged in many ways because of all these Elements I am discussing.

We, as a Group Consciousness, of all these beautiful Masters that work with you individually and collectively, on all the various Dimensional Frequencies – want you all to relax.  The expression of what you are bringing forth is beyond what we ever thought could be at this time.  There were many who thought that the Earth would be moving into a completely different phase than it is now and that you would not be able to be surviving as you are on this Earth Plane.  As the expressions of the damages would occur so much more quickly then they have – but due to the inflection and the dedication of each of you, as the Lightworkers, to continue this Light – have allowed this Light to expand through this lands, to assist so many more areas then was ever thought possible on the grander scheme of things.

So now we say to you in this moment – breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply and accept within yourself the challenges you have created because, right now, we want you to celebrate.  This is an evening of celebration.  We are celebrating the fact that Dearest One here, stepped herself into a fire, in a sweat lodge, after healing many souls of 9/11 that were overhanging in the ethers, and then continued the work to create this Temple because she knew that it was part of her Essence to do so on a physical basis.  She did what she was asked and here we are now.  What a beautiful experience because each of you are contributing to this Temple more than you can ever imagine and many souls have come in and out – so how can we not celebrate you? How can we not celebrate every part of you? As you bring in this Frequency of Light into your Higher Self, into the physical body and your I Am Presence.

Let us all take a deep breath.  As we take a deep breath, we see Frequencies of Light flying through the Temple, we see the Elements of many different colors.  As we connect now, from the Zero Dimension to the 144th Dimension, as now the Temple has been put into this 144th Dimensional Frequency.  This is our Oneness together.  But tonight, we express to you, of whom we are to you now and what you are to each of us.  I now ask of each of you, to express your name with the words:- “I Am, ” and state your name into the Temple of Light.  As we do that, all the Beings of Light here, are saying their name all at the same time.  Feel that expression of the vibration of the names being called out, through the Temple walls to the Essence above to the top of the Temple, as this is an amphitheater – there is the Light of the Stars and the Frequency.  We feel the Cosmos coming down upon us.  This is our Essence unto each other.  It does not matter that I Am Lord Melchizedek.  It does not matter that this is Meleriessee channeling this Frequency, because We Are All One in this moment.  It does not matter that Master Babaji, Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, and Sai Baba are all here, bringing in their Frequencies because, in this moment, you are just as important as everyone else.  Who knows what you have aspired to previously in other lifetimes?  This is what we want.  We want you to feel the Essence that you are, and celebrate yourself.  Celebrate the Frequency that you are in this physical body, accept this Light Element coming through you.  Breathe through this Essence as now we bring in the Vibration to assist in the process.


Breathe deeply into this Essence.  Breathe Deeply.  Breathe deeply into your Essence.  Express your Light within.

Now feel the Frequencies of all the different Elements that each of you are bringing forth within yourself, within this Temple.  Allow these Frequencies as We Are the Element of the I Am ~ As we bring in all that We Are Together ~  As we bring in the Essence -floating – accept.  Feel your Heart ~Feel your Solar Plexus ~ Feel the Essence flowing within your physical body.  We want you to feel the Frequency of the I Am, your Higher Self, within your physical body for you to celebrate yourself.  Celebrate and relax into the Essence that We Are Together.

Bring in this Essence – deeply, deeply, in to the Core of Our Being.  Through the Etheric level, the cellular memory – allow it to infiltrate within the physical.  The more that you love the Essence that you are, the more that you will accept that status that you are to be bringing forth into this pathway forward.   Breathe deeply into that.  Breathe deeply into the Essence that you are.  This is more of an integration than you ever have felt previously.

As we bring forth this Essence of Light unto you  – unto you – unto the physical Essence that you are.  Allow you to bring that expression.  Allow yourself to just express through Frequencies of Light, through Frequencies of Sound, through Frequencies of Feeling within your physical body in this moment.  Yes it is you.  Yes, it is you.  Embrace those Elements that are part of you.  Relax and celebrate yourself.  Tonight is a night of celebration.  We celebrate each of you for being here with us.  We celebrate the ability to have this Temple here, for so many Souls of so many levels to come forward and receive the assistance they need; but also in turn, give assistance – as each of you are doing.  So it is a Temple of Oneness in giving and receiving and allowing that Essence to be within.

Within this, we see many different colors because each of us brings forth different Frequencies of Light – sparkles of Energy just floating into the Temple and flowing through each of us and allowing this celebration of who we are, to be the balance that is needed within ourselves.


Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply.  Now, we bring in the configuration of our Oneness.  Right now, we are within that Oneness.  Let us celebrate what we have created here, celebrate everything you have created within your life because you have created being here in this moment – to accept yourself in a different capacity then you ever thought possible.  Now we’re going to allow that Frequency to move beyond us into the Temple, to go to the Earth – around the Globe.  Allow our Frequencies to come together.  If you take some deep breaths – you can utilize the sound of AAHH; or any other Frequencies that we are stating in this moment to yourself.  Let’s just permeate it into the Globe, into the Hemispheres of Gaia, so that it infiltrates.  Allow every human living being upon this Earth to accept themselves in this moment.  If it only stays with them for a moment, they will have accelerated themselves greater then we ever thought possible.  It is a moment of time when we can celebrate ourselves for what we have accomplished.  Everyone needs to feel that acceptance within their Being, to help them to move further through the process.


Feel the Essences of the Lands and the Peoples and all its inhabitants to feel this Frequency of Light – to assist the Planet even more deeply then each of us is doing now, because we are coming into this group consciousness.  We’re coming in as the In-Body, and Out-of-Body, Beings of Souls, as we come together in this beautiful Temple.


Breathing deeply.  Breathing deeply.  Now, feel the Frequency coming back into the Temple.  This is a moment in time, it’s a moment in time because we are coming together within the Truth of Oneness, to bring forth that Frequency unto the Earth.  As we are in this Temple, some in body, some out of body – but we’re all within the Frequency of the One.  So this is what we are embodying unto the Earth, unto Her inhabitants, unto all the Frequencies at play -that make up the Earth – seen and unseen.  So within these Frequencies, the Angelic world and the physical world are coming together in the Frequency of this Temple and this moment.  I want each of you to feel that within your Hearts, within your Minds, within  your Essences – as now we become One Being of Light.  As each of you are incorporating your own I Am, physically, with your Higher Self and the Lower Self, as it blends into a Higher Frequency then you’ve ever accepted.  But within this, comes a calmness, comes a bliss – it’s a gentleness and it’s a deep love.  This is what the Greatest Masters, for centuries, have been acquiring within themselves and now, you – as the Masters of the New Earth, are fully incorporating this Essence within you.  Let us breathe deeply.

And accept.  Feel that acceptance blending within your Heart -deeply into the core of your Lotus blending it through your full body system, your Light body.  Now, it is charged with the Frequency of Light that you have acquired, of what you have been doing for yourself.  All we are assisting you with right now, is to celebrate that Essence within you, as they combine together of the Spiritual Self and the Physical Self and become One Being of Light.  Feel that Frequency now – in the deepness of my Heart and your Heart and all the Hearts of this beautiful Temple that we are together.

It has been my pleasure to be here with you as Lord Melchizedek to bring forth just an opening of a doorway for you to accept yourself unto yourself more deeply.  As we embrace each other in this moment, it is a time of celebration.  It is so very exciting to come into this Temple and to be able to commune with each of you.  Know that you fully understand how far you have come.  Take this moment in time to accept and celebrate yourself.

I bring forth unto you the Essence of the Spiritual Hierarchy through me, as Lord Melchizedek, as we all walk in the Essence of the Eternal One.  I am deeply honored to be here with you in these moments.

So Mote It Be In All That Is, We Are One.


This is Fred once again, thank you.  Thank you for this beautiful message.  Thank you for beautiful Energy and thank you for being in our beautiful Temple as we celebrate each of us in Oneness.


Please join us on Monday evenings, at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific as we connect with all souls of healing in the Temple of 911 & Beyond ~ Unified in Consciousness to assist each other and Gaia in preparation for the New Earth, Terra Christa,

Rev Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibratory Masters for the New Earth, Terra Christa ~ http://lifestation ~

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March 28th, 2011 ~ Opening The Golden Gateway Onto the Star-Burst We Are ! Lord Melchizedek


This is Fred speaking, the spokesperson for the Clarion Light Beings, the Temple of 911.  Thank you, thank you for being here this evening.  We still have more souls coming in.  It is a very somber time because there are some that still need to be healed in different manners but they are also here in the Overlooking Booth, so please know that anyone that is not quite ready to be fully within the Temple due to the debris they may be holding onto, they are able to be a major part of the festivities.  We are trying to open up the energies for many souls to be here because they need to assist each of you, and some of them are going to be choosing to be re-entered onto the Plane of the New Earth, so there’s a lot of intense work that’s being done.  I want to thank Christine and everyone on the calls, because we really are feeling your energies greatly during the work that’s being done, so it is a blessing to be here and I am honored to be part of these energies.  I have also transitioned myself into a higher state of being very recently, and it is because of this Temple that I have done so.  I am in gratitude of so many in this moment. 

Namaste and blessings.

The beauty of the Light is being intertwined into the frequency that you are in these moments.  Take a deep breath and allow this frequency to fully come within you, because you are being changed in a different manner than you have at any other time.  I come to you as the Teacher for this evening and that essence and the capability to fully actualize the frequencies that are occurring within everyone at these times of creation.  I say creation because everyone is being created into a new sense of being than they ever have before.  I come to you as a Spokesperson for the many.  I come to you as a Spokesperson of the Essence of Divine Mother and Father God.  I also come as a Spokesperson of the Frequency of All That Is.  I am Lord Melchizedek at your service.

We are in honor of the changes that are occurring, how each of you is handling them, and what you are doing for yourselves personally and globally.  It is a great time of fluctuation and within this time many avenues are changing on a different level of frequency than they have previously.  We are opening up the doorways of all lightworkers to embody within themselves the energies that are from their past knowledges and to actualize that part of their wisdom fully in their accessibility of their Physical structure.  Not all are able to do this, and now is the time for the gateway and the opening of the frequency to be fully within your Heart and your Mind to accept the Divinity of what your pathway here is upon Earth.  We fully need you to actualize these energies; within these energies you will see an adaptability within you to create the structure of your light frequency.

What I’m saying is the Gods and the Goddesses are being awakened.  They are being awakened in a way that is quite different than it ever has been on this plane of existence in any other time frame.  You are being awakened due to the intuitiveness, due to the karmic rebirth that is being removed, due to the frequency of releasing all discordant thoughts and cords from your Beingness.  Your diligence to keep activating all these elements is going to totally assist you in bringing forth the remembrance of your lineage of your soul’s essence that you are.  Many of you have forgotten what that is and are trying to piece it through your mental level ~ it’s not possible.

Tonight we want to fully actualize within you, within the Earth Plane, and within the souls of the Temple that it is our Divine right to fully actualize the lineage of our ancestry — the ancestry of the soul’s existence upon this Earth Plane.  It has not always been done in masses.  It’s never been done in masses.  It’s done by assisting one’s self in the frequency of their pathway.  Each of you is moving into this pathway more fully than you previously have.  As we do this tonight, it will also bring forth a stability within you.  Within this stability you will see that the frequency of who you are but a small thought process that you previously have denied, and within this denial it has held you back and not allowed you to have the full capability of your Divine Essence within you.  As this occurs you will see that the pathway around you will widen.  It’s going to widen because there are going to be others that are more accepting of what you’re going through, and they in turn are also going to be opening up their pathways.  This is not true for all; there are many on this pathway right now that are awakened that are not bringing in the lineage of their Gods’ and Goddesses’ heritage and that is the way it is supposed to be.  They are supposed to be the followers; they are the ones that aren’t fully ready to activate that acceptance within themselves.

So please know in this moment if each of you take a deep breath and feel your need to have your soul more active within the structure of your Physical body.  Within that active essence, you start to see the credibility that is happening within your life circumstance and the challenges that you are coming across are so much more involved now with your pathway than they ever have been in any other lifetime or any other moment of this lifetime.  You are coming across a critical stage of acceptance, and within this stage of acceptance you are fully allowing your frequency to be the frequency that is the active role of being a God or a Goddess.  It is up to you ~ if you are ready to accept this role ~ not all will accept it because they will not be ready to fully incorporate the frequencies that are necessary.  This is not an easy role to take on.  Each of you working upon this Mastership pathway is different.  Everyone is in a different lineage.  Everyone is in a different consciousness; that is the way it has always been.  We are giving you a golden opportunity.  Are you ready to fully allow that frequency that you are, that lineage of your Soul’s Essence to be fully activated within your Physical body so that you can tap into the wisdom and knowledge that is truly part of your soul’s essence?  If you think about all the levels of frequencies and the eons of time in and out of bodies and learning these processes to bring it forth into your Physical body now, this is what the New Earth is about.   The Ones who are ready to fully step onto the power that you are – the empowerment.  But I give you this warning:  it must be in balance.  It fully must be within your male and female in the balance.  If you’re not fully there yet, you will not be ready to accept this role, because your lower ego will stay intact.  When your lower ego stays intact in this level of frequency, you will not utilize the gifts that you have in the highest capacity of light, and you will fall away in whatever that capacity is for your personal existence.

This evening we’re opening up the Temple for this energy to fully be incorporated within each of you and within each of the souls here, so that we can incorporate upon the Earth Plane and allow that to flow through every internalization of being that is activated in these moments.  This golden pathway is for you to fully actualize the essence of who you were previously and within this accessibility to change what was not right then to make it right now, you must make a conscious effort in these moments of listening now or being with us in these moments to fully say “Yes I am ready”, because the challenges will be even more powerful.  So you must know that with these gifts will create great accessibility, but also within that power, there’ll be great responsibilities that you will have to contend with.  Within these responsibilities you will see a different set of rules in your life.  They’re going to be changing and they can be changing every moment, because the more accessibility you have to your Priesthood and Priestesshood and your God and Goddess frequency of being — having that power as you did eons ago.  I know each of you here this evening has had those powers, because you would not be on these calls – the more you are ready to initiate that level of frequency within you.  We want to assist you – I am here as your Guide of Frequency of Light to fully command within yourself that you have the ability to internalize the wisdom, the knowledges, the gifts, and allow them to be activated more fully than ever before.  It is our time, it is our time to work together fully in these moments.

We’re coming to moments upon this Earth where these gifts are needed very greatly, and for individuals to have their full accessibility of their light frequency within them ~ to have the humility and fully allow yourself to know that, “yes” you do have something to give to this Earth.  Many of you think because of what you have gone through in so many lifetimes and the challenges you have experienced that you’re not quite ready, but you are ready — allow yourself to know.  I intuit within each of you in this moment the Ray of the Golden Light; this Golden Light is the accessibility of your frequency as it was in the beginning of time when we all worked together in harmony.  What happened with that is that other energies were invited into the Planet and it caused destruction and allowed many individuals to fully open up into their energies that were not of the highest quality, and those are the frequencies that kept the Earth in darkness.  We have been fighting this darkness for a very long time.  It’s very important that instead of fighting the darkness, that we allow it to intertwine within the Golden Ray, and as it intertwines it will be transmuted and changed into the power of God’s Essence immediately.  This is something that many people do not realize of how we intuit this Ray in this frequency.

Let’s start within right now and breathe in the Golden Ray.  We’re going to bring that Golden Ray into the Heart Center of  the activation of that Chakra, and the Golden Ray that is within that element of the 12th Ray into the Heart.  As we do this, I want you to breathe deeply as this Ray comes fully into your Heart Center; it’s like a blast of energy that is circling in a clockwise manner that is coming directly in your Heart.  Allow it to be a Starburst – it goes into your Heart and then it’s going to filter to the rest of your body.  As it filters to the rest of the body, it’s going to filter those light frequencies through your internalization of your Physical essence, so let’s think about the Physical body right now.  Let’s allow all dis-ease, all lack, all instability to be fully filtered through the top and the bottom of your body.  Allow it to go into your organs, your brain waves, your spinal cord; allow it to go into the frequencies that work within the Physical body.  As all of these elements are going to be intertwined within you,  it will transmute and change into the power of the positive accessibility that you were unaware that you could handle before.  Let’s breathe into that as we feel the warmth of this Golden Ray.

The Golden Ray is you; the Golden Ray is the essence of the Christ Consciousness.  Allow it to permeate into your Heart Chakra.  Now let’s permeate it down to your feet into your Earth Star and up to your Soul Star, and then allow it to spread out more as a Starburst.  As it spreads out more it’s going to go into that Etheric level.  Allow all the debris and negativity, any thought processes that no longer serve you to move as the sparkles of the Star are moving into that Etheric level.  As it moves into the Etheric level, these Rays are thin points of light from the Starburst, but then as they get into the Etheric level they’re going to blend together so your Etheric level becomes Golden Starburst also.   It’s just like looking at the Sun – you are radiating this Sun energy within your being.  Now we’re going to move it into the Emotional level; allow all your instability, your feelings of lack, and not having the courage to be able to handle yourself in a direct manner.  We ask for all lower ego to be removed, we ask for only the purity of the consciousness of the light to be fully within that Emotional level.  We ask for that Emotional level to be balanced so the Female energy is fully allowing the freedom to accept and nurture within.  Then we take another breath and now it’s going to go out into the Mental level, so the Starbursts are now moving out further so the essence of the Star now is thick from the Physical into the Etheric, into the Emotional.  Now it’s going to spread out even further into the Mental.  Now allow the transmutation of any Mental thoughts or worries –those thought processes of worrying about everything that is happening –any fears, any activations that are not of the purest quality of light to be fully removed.  Anything that is not for your highest good is now being transformed into this essence of this Golden Starburst.  We take another deep breath and now we allow the points of light from the star moving outwards out of the Mental body, as these elements are pointing out from the bottom and around you, you are this beautiful Star.  As that occurs, there is an attraction that happens with your Spiritual body.  Your highest Spiritual body is now coming around you and you feel this essence that you are; this is your soul’s essence — this is your Higher Self — this is the part of you allowing yourself to have that full compassionate nature.  Allow the Spiritual body now to blend into these Golden Rays.  It’s going to seal up everything so it is balanced.  We ask for the electromagnetic fields that are associated with these energies to be fully incorporated in this moment.

As we do that, now you feel the essence of your I Am Presence.  Now you are activating yourself on a Global level.  You’re connecting to those 144 souls that you’re part of – your Soul Family.  Feel that combination that now you’re no longer alone as you allow yourself to feel the essence in a frequency.  You know you’re not alone, but let’s allow those feelings to come in.  It filters through you and as we look around in the Temple, everyone is activating themselves in their Monad in this moment.  There is no separation; we are not separated anymore.  Breathe deeply through that.  What actually is happening is you are allowing the totality of your being to be fully activated within your Physical existence.  This is a moment in time – you are allowing the Golden Ray to illuminate your life, your mind, your emotions, to illuminate your spiritual essence so you are one being of light; now as you do that you see a filtering of some thought processes that are beyond this frequency into the Cosmic level of the beginning of the cellular moments of time.   As you do, you start to feel the frequencies coming to you in the form of thoughts or a vision, or an actualization; something that you have been feeling or maybe even dreaming about.  Now we want to activate your essence to fully come within your body.  This is your knowledge of what needs to be processed within you, and you allow that to come in a compassionate nature.  It’s very, very important not to be aggressive.  We totally need to be assertive within our Beingness.  We also need to have compassion for ourselves and others; we need to share that because as we do we are bringing the frequency of what it felt like for us all in the beginning before we were activated into these individual souls.

We are bringing forth this frequency of Oneness of this Golden Ball of Light.  Within that Golden Ball of Light each of us had an individual source that was important for us to activate within our Being.  Feel that coming to you now – you may be feeling it in your Emotional level, your Mental level, it may come in the form of words or a message, or it may come in the form of a connection in your feeling level.  As we center that within the Heart, the core of the Starburst within you, your Heart is now full within the Male and the Female – there is a balance – and within that Male and the Female, there is no separation.  There is no lineage that can stop us from having the full totality of the acceptability within us.  We are whole and complete within the Physical body – not out of the Physical body – and we allow that filtering through us.   Breathe now, breathe deeply as these sparkles of light that are centering from your Starburst that are attracting the knowledges that have been lost, as the veil of forgetfulness has been removed for a long time.  Now, take those Starburst points and allow them to come back into you.  It may be a thought, it may be a feeling – whatever it is it’s for you to receive now.  This is your gift; we are opening up the gateway this evening for the Golden illuminated power that you are.  Breathe into that and allow yourself to feel that essence of the completeness within you.  Deeply breathe – you are starting now to feel the totality of your soul’s essence.  No separation, all in Oneness within you.  Oneness of your completeness ~ a rebirthing process occurring in this moment.  Embrace these elements.

Let’s think about how it would feel for every human to accept this embracement of completed lineage within their being, and how differently the Earth would be in this moment.  This is what we’re moving towards, this is the New Earth, this is the adaptability, this is the frequency and this is the ability that every one of us has a knowledge to give to each other.  Within this giving and receiving, that is the community we’re looking for.  Many will fall away from this, because they will not be ready to walk through this doorway, this gateway – the Golden gateway that is being fully opened in this moment.  Let’s breathe through that and feel the completeness within your Being and also feel the connection to each other in this moment and what we bring forth to each other.  You bring forth to me as I bring forth to you, even though I am your Teacher, even though I stand here as the Father of Spirituality.  But I am here to help you remember that many of you were teaching me eons and eons ago, but you have just forgotten!  Your pathway was different.  I am here to help you embrace that pathway that you have put aside.  It is now time for you to rebirth that Golden Star that you are.  Let’s allow ourselves to feel that essence.

As we communicate with each other here in the Temple, look around and see how each of you are the Golden Star and the Stars are all melding into each other as this Temple now becomes one Golden Star, as I am Lord Melchizedek, and you, of the individual souls, are all one.  None of us is any better than the other.  Let’s now send this intention to the Earth.  Let’s go to the core of the Earth and around the Globe as one Starburst with individual souls of millions and millions that are in this Temple that have come here to assist each other.  We’re not all interconnected personally, but we are interconnected globally.  Some of us may not even agree with each other, because we’re not part of that specific cellular structure, but we are in community and we understand that each of us has something to give to the other.  Let’s take this to the Earth, let’s take this and let’s think of it as a frequency.  Let’s not do anything else with it but center it into the top of the Globe into the middle of the Earth and down to the core of the Earth.  As it goes around the Globe, inside the Globe to permeate into every Kingdom upon the Earth to realize the acceptability we have of each other.  Respect and love in that frequency.

As we do this, we take a deep breath, and we see now that all the inner workings within the Earth are fully being activated.  We’ve done our job.  Let’s now center ourselves back into the Temple and allow us to reverberate with each other, because now we’re going to assist each other by activating the energy once again as we become one Starburst together.  Breathe deeply within that and feel the inner workings of the community within theTemple– We, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, you of the souls upon Earth and the souls within this Temple– without the bodies.  It doesn’t matter who we are, we are all part of that Spiritual Hierarchy together.  You are in a state of remembrance of your pathway, and this is the blessing of this Golden Gateway.  Allow this Golden Gateway to be within you in this moment.  Allow yourself to fully accept your Divinity, accept that you have a knowledge to give to this Earth.  We are here in these moments and we want to learn about those knowledges that you’re activating, so allow them to come out, but they must come out with compassion, they must come out with the beauty of love, they must come out with the frequency of the Essence that you are and to embrace that within each other as we are One in this moment.  Let us not ever forget the connection and the continuation of the Life Force that is within each of us in this moment.  This is the power, this is the power of God’s Essence.  This is the individual power of your Soul’s Essence.  Breathe deeply into your Solar Plexus and feel that power.  You may find in the next couple of days you may need to write some things down, or to bring some elements out of you.  You may have tears, but they will be tears of joy – they will not be tears of sadness.  Embrace your heritage; now is the time because your heritages need it.  Know that the Ones that fall away from your extension of your friends and your families are because they are not part of that closeness and the distinctive connection of your Soul’s Essence.  We need to start remembering our Soul’s Essence and not our Physical Essence, and this is the most important factor in all elements at this time.  Breathe deeply and allow that to vibrate within you as the core of the Star is now activated within your Heart and then it centers out as your whole Light Body is being activated with the Golden Flame in different aspects of frequency, depending on what you need.

I Am Lord Melchizedek at your service.  It is my pleasure to be here with you and to continually work with you as we are all One together.  May the blessings of the Golden Flame be fully activated within you as you accept the heritage and the lineage that you are within your being in the most healthy and functional attitude that you can have within.  May this light shine within you always and share it others.

The Holy God of Hosts That We Are ~ As We Are All In Oneness.

This is Fred speaking once again.  Thank you Lord Melchizedek, for giving us this lesson, this exercise, this beautiful extension of ourselves in the Golden Flame that We Are.  Please do come to the Temple, and connect with us through the week so that we can all share our Starbursts of Light with each other as we are all shining Stars of the Sun, of the frequency within. 

Thank you for being with us.  I am the Spokesperson of the Temple of 911.  Namaste.