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Lady Quan Yin ~ Divine Love in Action for Higher Purity

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Walking Terra Christa presented Lady Quan Yin, Ray Chohan for the Pink-Orange Flame for the Ascension Mastery Teachings within the Clarion Temple of Oneness . Her dissertation was to assist all souls to walk in Divine Love, no matter what their situation dictates.


Greetings, My Friends!  It is I, Yamteleus.  We thank for bringing forth your energies into the Temple this evening.

Yes, there are many souls that have been coming into the Temple.  That is a good thing for each of these souls, as they are learning the process of death and rebirth and continual life.  This evening with Lady Quan Yin, we bring forth those Divine Energies of death and rebirth from the old self into the new self.

Let us move forward.

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We are the Angels of all Principalities and levels of Angelic Presences.  We embrace and honor each of you for the walk that you are on upon the Earth.  It is our pleasure to bring forth OUR Divine Energies of Hope, Faith, Love, and Blessings to each of you.

Let us now continue with the ceremony.


Greetings, greetings my Dear Friends.  I am Lady Quan Yin.  It is my Divine pleasure to be with each of you in this beautiful Temple once again.

As we gather together in the numbers of MANY souls incarnate and discarnate, we bring forth a sentiment of ONENESS.  That Oneness represents the Divine Love that is so VERY crucial at this time and very much appreciated within this Temple of Light.

I come to you this evening to assist you with moving forward.  To ALLOW the emotions that you are experiencing to assist you, to bring forth a new sense of purpose within yourself, of understanding with the beautiful essences of Hope and Faith, of the DIVINITY of Love.

I want to speak a little about the understanding of Divine Love.  It is quite different from what you experience upon the Earth.  It is a flowing Light Energy.  It is PART of this Temple and part of many ashrams within the multi-dimensional levels of the God Force.  It brings forth a sense of PEACE, of ACCEPTANCE, of UNDERSTANDING and EMBRACEMENT of the qualities of the Divine Mother.  With HER Pearls of Wisdom, She extends unto us PATIENCE at this very crucial time of history.

It is very important that each of us comes together in strength in numbers, so that all souls fully feel the effects of the DIVINITY of LOVE to be ever-present within their Hearts.  This is NOT an easy process, because when you come from the 3rd dimension, you have certain CONSTRUCTS within your consciousness that may hold you back from the realization that within these Higher Levels of existence, of the God Force, that you are no longer feeling the effects of gravity.  There is a presence of a Higher Light Form that extends from each of us to each of you.  My heart goes out to ALL of you, goes out to ALL of the peoples upon the Earth that are hurting and I hope that everyone can come into a state of PURITY through this process of the exchange of energies that are happening presently upon Gaia and for each of YOU.

As I stand here with the Pink Orange Flame, it ignites from the Higher Heavens above to the 49th dimensional frequency. It extends unto you a kaleidoscope of beautiful essences of the Pink and the Orange.  The Pink is of deep Compassion, of Faith, of Hope, of a blessing to OCCUR within your own HEART center. The Orange represents the re-creation.  As we walk together, we re-create the OLD energy to become FULLY embraced by the NEWNESS and the experiences of Divine Love and Light.

Change is inevitable, but what you are experiencing PRESENTLY is part of the Earth’s changes.  It is part of the duality that has occurred of certain elements coming into play with this virus in creating a fear-based environment that causes each of you to work more diligently within your own spiritual pathway to RISE above these energies, to ALLOW you, as the person that you are experiencing, to know that you have the opportunity within your walk upon the Earth to make the necessary changes within yourself that will help to create the New Earth.

When ALL is said and done, many individuals are going to need a lot of assistance. People will question their belief systems; they will question what they are experiencing; even the virus itself.  But the ONE element that remains CONSTANT is the ability to allow the Divinity of Love to be within their Heart.  No matter HOW much they feel the anger or the anguish, this Divinity of Love is the Core Essence that I bring forth this evening.

As we come together in this glorious Temple of Light, it reminds me of times gone by, eons ago, when we ALL gathered together in Atlantis to bring forth a healing process upon those lands.  We were too late.  We did not understand the full effect of what it meant, and how the Lemurian and the Atlantean cultures were greatly affected by what MANY individuals created.

It is important to realize, at this time, that the action that you need to acquire within yourself; is truly within YOU, within your BREATH, within your UNDERSTANDING, and to come into a new sense of continual Light movement upon the planet.  It is important to realize that when you UTILIZE the Pink Orange Flame into your own consciousness, into your own beingness; that there is an effectual change that occurs.  This is not something that is of a concrete nature, it is more abstract.  It is an ENERGY system that propels you into a NEW state of understanding, of acceptance.  Because the true reality that is occurring for you, is bringing forth THAT Divine Love and Light to be the focal point of ALL that you ARE.

Understanding within yourself that this is the Core Essence of this Flame, will assist you greatly to know yourself on a much deeper level.  It is very abstract.  It brings forth a sense of flowingness, of movement, to ALLOW an individual to FULLY become more ALIGNED with the Higher Light Sources.

The Pink Orange brings forth a SURGE of PROTECTION, but it also brings forth that SURGE of ACCELERATION, of MOVEMENT, to allow an individual to know more about themselves than they ever thought possible.  And isn’t that what everyone DESIRES; to move OUT of this virus, to FIND a complacency of your lives once again?  But, yet, in another moment, you MAY envision that the swiftness of the change may not be what you desire to endure.  So, it is imperative to take one moment at a time, to bring forth a blessing into your Heart, to realize the potential of what you are becoming; the TRUTH that is being aligned within your consciousness.  The end result of that is the ACTION that you walk with.

What are you holding within yourself of that which is helping you to realize the potentiality of LIFE in a completely different manner?

This process is a continual effort.  It is important to realize within yourself that life will change, in many different directions, in many avenues of understanding.  The only CONSTANT is YOU.  So how are you going to change within that essence?

ALLOW what I bring to you today, within this glorious Temple of Light to assist you to TRANSFORM yourself into that Higher Light Force that you DESIRE to be.  ALLOW yourself to become more ALIGNED with the Divinity of Love than you have ever experienced before.  This is NOT the love of partnerships like you have on Earth; it is the Love of a Higher Nature and reflects the organizational benefits that occur within your steps upon the Earth.

Because as you step forward with this Divine Light Energy, it becomes more in TUNE with whom you ARE as a soul, a Light Being, a Frequency of Light that will assist you to accelerate yourself in a completely different manner than you have ever CHOSEN to do previously.  It is the BEAUTY and the EXPRESSION of this Love that I extend unto you; a Divinity of Beauty, of Compassion to bring forth to you the sense of continual motion.  You will not remain stuck in this place that you are in presently.  Because that is what life is; it continually moves.

But what if you had the opportunity within yourself to really hold this Divine Love so DEEPLY, that it shall MOVE with you, it shall GUIDE you into places where you would have not treaded upon before.  It will BRING you experiences held only by the Highest of the Highest.  It will ALLOW you to express yourself to others within the PRESENCE of ALL THAT IS.  I BRING that to you in this moment.

Breathe deeply as I extend unto you the Pink Orange Flame to bring forth a sense of continual life.  Allow this Orange Flame to re-create for you the existences that you have upon the Earth.  Bring it unto YOU to assist you to become MORE of what you have DESIRED to be but have been AFRAID to fully ask for it.  I acknowledge your TRUTH, I acknowledge your WORTH, and most of all, I ACKNOWLEDGE what you STAND for.  Because in this moment you are standing as tall as the Highest of the Highest, bringing forth the Divinity of Love into your HEART, ALLOWING it to be an expression of lightness and beauty.

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Allow the pure reflection of the Pink-Orange Flame to come within you to give you WARMTH, to give you COMPASSION, to give you STRENGTH, to HOLD TALL the ideal that you are receiving, to become PART of the Divinity of Love that the Divine Mother expresses unto each of US.  To bring forth those experiences into your Consciousness, into your Reality, into your Physical Self, for you to realize that in this moment you are being blessed from the Highest of the Highest.

HOLD on to this BLESSING; ALLOW it to be YOU.  ALLOW your Divine Self to HOLD it so deeply within your heart that you can extend it around the world.  Extend this Beauty of Light to become a BEACON; almost like a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean; but yet you STAND upon the Earth, you WALK upon the Earth, you WALK with these Divine Energies.  You ARE the action in motion.  You ARE that movement that is necessary.

As you bring forth this Divinity of Love into your OWN heart, ALLOW it to spin into each of your chakras.  ALLOW yourself to become MORE a part of the SOLUTION rather than the problem.  ALLOWING your Divinity of Love to be expressed through all that you ARE becoming, and all that you ARE experiencing.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

HOLD this to your HEART!  HOLD it to your FEET!  HOLD it to your ENTIRE structure, your ENERGETIC structure, your PHYSICAL structure.  ALL elements within you are VIBRATING with this Divine Light as you are that BEACON of Light walking upon the Earth, becoming more in TUNE with the Divinity of LOVE, COMPASSION, and RE-CREATION.

It is important at this time to REALIZE the creative process that is occurring upon the Earth.  CONFLICTS are happening, ARGUMENTS are arising; but that is NOT your ROLE as this Beacon of Light.  Your role is to be silent and ALLOW the Pink-Orange to FLOW around the WORLD.

Let us extend the Pink-Orange now into the core of Gaia as it moves DEEPER and DEEPER into the core center of the Earth and it will eject its energy upwards; ALLOWING all aspects of the Earth, of the SKIES, of the Planetary System to hold TRUE to this Divine Light.

It is a process of Divinity.  It is a process of ALLOWING TRUE spirituality to be the COMPONENT upon the Earth, within the Earth, and FOR the Earth.  FEEL this energy now coming back into the Temple as the Temple is GLOWING with the Pink-Orange Flame; it is FOREVER flowing around the ENTIRE Temple.

There are beautiful FLOWERS all over the space of the stage here; FLOWING Light Colors bringing forth that PURE essence of the Elementals, of the Angels, of ALL aspects of LIFE; bringing forth the same consciousness.  At the same time, we become ONE together in this moment; the PROCESS of this Divine Energy coming into the center; ALLOWING it to come into your OWN center.

As the ENTIRE structure of this Temple is coming together with souls upon souls; SOULS that are living, SOULS that have left the Earth, SOULS that have been on the Earth and left a long time ago.  We come together in the spirit of Divine Mother God.  We come into that Pure Essence allowing it to flow through each of us.  It does not matter if we have a body or are without a body; we MERGE our energies together to feel the PURITY of ONENESS that is occurring in these moments.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

We are BEACONS upon BEACONS here together creating the Source of Oneness, creating all the aspects of the Spiritual Essences that represents THAT Source of Light with ALL of our I Am Presences, our Monads, our Higher Selves, and the Higher Light Bodies.  ALLOW them to assist you, ALLOW YOU to fully BECOME the ETERNAL LIGHT upon the Earth.

Others will SPEAK about it and say,

“Remember the year of 2020, when things occurred upon the Earth that seemed so dark?  But yet, there was an opening.  Because a number of individuals of that Light could hold it deeply within themselves.  They HEALED, they HEALED so deeply, they were able to WALK the Earth and not be affected.  They were ABLE to CHANGE their lifetimes into the Purity of Oneness.”

THAT is what others will say.

Let us take a moment and FEEL of what that is LIKE for you individually; to be the SPECIAL Entity of Light to awaken at this time, to be PART of these energies.  Not only that, but to open the doorways of HEALING unto yourself so that you do NOT have to leave the Earth.  So that you HOLD true to your convictions of Divine Love, so that you’re not angry, you’re not frustrated, you don’t have any lower elements holding you back.  You walk with each of us as the Ascended Master state of consciousness that we ARE.

[Divine Language Network Light EncodingSM]

So Mote it be.  Let it be done.

I am Lady Quan Yin assisting each of you to HOLD this Beacon of Light within you.

Namaste’ my Dearest Friends.


Let us take a few deep breaths.  We thank Lady Quan Yin for bringing us all together in the state of Oneness.  As we arise from our chairs, we walk up the steps.  We meet up with Yamteleus and bid our farewell as we do the same with Archangel Michael’s Warriors.  Please do return to the Temple at any time.  There are many souls that need our assistance.

As we walk down the steps onto the garden pathway, we feel the blessing of what we have just experienced.  We walk across the Rainbow Bridge and we gather together within our Pink-Orange Merkabah.  As it spins from the 36th dimensional frequency, going down into the 24th, descending downwards into the 11th, then the 10th, and then into planetary awareness. As each of us separates from the group energies into our own Light Bodies, we move into our own physical location.

Taking a deep breath, GROUNDING the energies, GROUNDING them deeply into Gaia.

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 23, 2020; Clarion Temple of Oneness.
(Transcription Services: Carol M.)

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