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Master Altebetahn ~ The Power of Love Creates Healing


Walking Terra Christa presented Master Altebatahn (Higher Self of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) for the Ascension Mastery Teachings within the Clarion Temple of Oneness . His dissertation was in memoriam of George Floyd, and Black Lives Matter.


Let’s continue with this breath, connected breathing, opening up these energies.  Tonight, we’ll be connecting with ALL of the Rays of God that represent the 330 Rays of God.  Swirling colors upon colors coming down through the Antahkarana into the Soul Star and swirling through your central canal, opening, and allowing each of your chakras to spin with the highest frequency of Light all the way down through your Earth Star.

As the Earth Star and Soul Star spin simultaneously, these flames all move through the physical body.  Breathing that in, relaxing your shoulders and your neck and your bodily system to receive it into the Etheric Body opening up all timelines to be healed and addressed.

Moving into the Emotional Body allowing the Feminine essence to be ever-present.  Then the Mental Body allowing the Abstract Mind to be prevalent within the Concrete Mind.  There are flowing energies within and around you, accessing your Higher Bodies of Light, allowing your I Am Presence to become MORE part of your reality within your consciousness.  As you Solar Angel and your Gatekeeper assist you to bring forth your Higher Self Consciousness.  ALL elements are in ONENESS.

We create this beautiful Merkabah vehicle of all these Flames of the Blues and Greens and Yellows and Golds and Pinks and Violets, the higher Frequencies of Light, the translucent Pearlescent all spinning together within each of us as our Merkabah is the most beautiful vehicle that we have ever experienced.

As we move from the Planetary level up into the Solar Level reaching higher into the Galactic Level of the 11th dimension through the 24th, into the Universal Level from the 24th to the 36th and then the Multi-Universal into the 36th dimensional frequency.

We arrive within the beautiful field of flowers as each of us walk within our own Light bodies through the meadow we reach the Rainbow Bridge.  We walk across the Rainbow Bridge onto the garden pathway.  As it winds around in many different directions it is taking us to the Magical Forest to the Clarion Temple of Oneness in its Bluish-Silverish illuminating Light.

We walk up the steps and we are met by Archangel Michael’s Warriors who protect the Clarion from any energies that are not of the highest frequency of Light.  They acknowledge us.

As we step into the magnificent amphitheater, Yamteleus, who is the Spokesbeing of this Temple takes us all the way down to the first row on the first level.  This amphitheater holds many levels of Souls and we want to acknowledge all of these Souls.  We’re coming together in this moment.  Yamteleus will give his introduction.


Greetings My Dearest Friends, Comrades, all Souls in Oneness.

Thank you for being here within this glorious Temple in this moment.

Tonight, we would like to honor ALL that has been occurring upon the earth.  We would especially like to honor George Floyd, who arrived in the Temple almost one week ago as Mahlariessee was able to CONNECT with him ON the earth realm and he was guided to be here with us.

In his memoriam upon the earth, we have asked Master Altebetahn to join us along with the Cosmic Great Central Sun for a blessing for ALL that is occurring upon the earth, the protests and the uprising of the angers.

George is in a state of a healing process.  I and many others have been communicating with him. Master Altebetahn, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and many others have been assisting him.  He has invited ALL of his friends and family and all the Higher Selves of the Souls upon the earth that are in a state of anguish to join us here within this Temple and the magnificence that it brings.

I, as Yamteleus, am deeply honored to be the Spokesbeing for this glorious Temple as I, as you know, was one that was NEW to these energies almost 20 years ago of your earth time.  Let me be an example for so many.

Namaste’ and blessings to each of you.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


We are the Angels of all Principalities of Light.  We blend our energies together to create a circle of protection and Divine Light unto each of you and to ALL the Souls upon the earth, and to ALL the Souls that are here in this moment.

We HONOR George in his Pure Essence, that he is learning to acknowledge and heal his heart, and to heal ALL aspects of his being, because NOW his journey continues on a different level.

We are deeply honored to assist George in being here within this Temple.  We thank him for his COURAGE to come to Mahlariessee.  We thank HER for her COMPASSIONATE love to assist him and ALL who followed.

We come together in these moments in Oneness; ALL of us in many Legions of Light, as we surround you with our Wings of Light and Love and Compassion.

In reverence and deep blessings.


Greetings My Dearest Comrades, Countrymen, Souls of all Colors, of all Races, of all Genders!

I am Master Altebetahn and am deeply HONORED to be here to assist in bringing forth the Divine energies within this Temple and unto the earth, but mostly for the earth, and for this Divine Being we know as George Floyd that is NOW with us in his FULL essence of his Soul.

When I SPOKE within this Temple on my anniversary in January, I had many misgivings of what was to come; and it has arrived.  I am deeply SORRY for the passing of this man upon the earth.  But I believe his memoriam WILL bring forth a sense of climatic assistance in humanity that needs to be acknowledged.

Every Soul upon the earth is affected by what has HAPPENED to him whether it be the ones that DID it, whether it be the ones that DIDN’T WANT to do it, whether it be the ones that STAND for goodness of the police force, the ones that stand for HONORABILITY AMONG the Black race.

What CANNOT BE acknowledged is the ANGER that is RESULTING out of this.  It MUST be turned into COMPASSION.  We must LOOK at what has OCCURRED to be a STANCE of bringing forth more LOVE because the reason these OCCURRENCES HAPPEN within the world is because THESE SOULS do not have LOVE.  They DON’T have LOVE of themselves let alone love for another person, that they are FULL of prejudice, that are FULL of hostility, and they DESIRE to HAVE the CONTROL within their WORLD and because they ARE in a career that ALLOWS them to do so they think it SHOULD BE.

But, in essence, their Soul is purging; it is purging deeply as many Souls are purging upon the earth, because there is the division that’s occurring.  What I would LIKE ALL peoples of this earth to REALIZE within their hearts is that they MUST have COMPASSION, COMPASSION of themselves to realize WITHIN that the only way to SHOW CHANGE is through the essence of Love and to EXPAND that LOVE unto other individuals from your OWN heart essence.

But if one is full of HATE, if one is full of ANGUISH, it TURNS to violence, because that is the dark SEED, that is the DARK ESSENCE of what the DARK, the lower energies, WANT HUMANITY to DO.  What must HAPPEN through THIS occurrence is to STAND UP with LOVE.

There have been MANY, MANY circumstances being SHOWN through the internet that individuals ARE doing so, STANDING UP with LOVE.  Allow THEM to be the example.  Don’t FEED INTO the VIOLENCE, don’t FEED INTO the angers, as they will just create more frustration and anger within each of YOU.

As I have worked with George for the last few days, hours upon hours, I have been TRYING to get HIM to see the BLESSEDNESS of his disappearance upon the earth.  To see that what is occurring PRESENTLY will NOT be forgotten, as it has been with MANY other individuals. THEY are also here as we have COMMANDED them to come.

Many Souls LOST through the lower dimension have been asked to COME into this Temple to the Overlooking Booth to REALIZE the POWER of the LOVE that can be expressed and NOT to HOLD ON to those angers, because that is just feeding the lower self.  It is NOT the Blessedness of the Angel, it is NOT the Blessedness of the CHRIST, it is NOT the Blessedness of Divine Mother Father God!

JESUS CHRIST is NOT your Savior, but he is an EXAMPLE.  You can LOOK at him as a Savior if you ALLOW yourself to step into his WALK.  If you ALLOW yourself to fully WALK as Master Yeshua did, to WALK THROUGH the many dimensions of Light to BECOME Lord Sananda.  He is a Son of God and you ARE ALL Sons and Daughters of God.  The Christ Consciousness represents bringing FORTH that DIVINE ENERGY FULLY into humanity’s HEART, to REALIZE the POWER that they have within themselves is the POWER of what Yeshua spoke about, how he LIVED, and WHAT he preached.

I ASK each of YOU to preach within yourself to BRING FORTH the WORD of the God Force into your OWN heart, to bring forth the existence of ALL that we ARE and ALL that we CAN BE together.

In this Temple, it has created billions and billions of Souls, Souls from all WALKS of life, Souls that have experienced traumatic events.  They may NOT be the SAME as what George has experienced, but they are SIMILAR. SIMILAR because of the energetic patterns that have occurred UPON this PLANET for WAY too long!

ALLOW us to assist you through the process of these energies on THIS day, in THIS moment to bring forth this blessing.

I, as Master Altebetahn, call upon the Divine energies of the Divine Mother and Father God, and the Christ Consciousness, and the Holy, Holy, Holy Hyos Ha Kodiesh ALLOWING the BLESSING of ALL that is ONENESS to come within this Temple in this moment to BRING FORTH this acceptance into your heart.

I ASK you, that whatever you are feeling within your OWN heart, it does NOT have to be associated with GEORGE and what is happening upon the earth.  I KNOW that each of you are HURTING in different WAYS within YOUR heart essence.  LET US HEAL this together as we COME together in the State of Oneness.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

Blessed BE!  ALLOW the Divine Light Energies that WE ARE ALL A PART OF to COME INTO OUR HEARTS, TO TRANSCEND, TO TRANSFORM, to RE-CREATE what has been in society upon the earth for WAY, WAY too LONG!  To come into the HEARTS of the MANY SOULS of ALL the RACES upon this earth and the BLESSING of ALL THAT IS, and ALL THAT CAN BE to bring forth an ACCEPTANCE of DIVINITY in your OWN heart.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]


ALLOW that FLAME to BURN so DEEPLY within YOUR HEART that there is NOTHING that can PENETRATE it!  It is the STATE OF LOVE!  It is the STATE OF PEACE!  It is the STATE of UNITY!  BE UNIFIED within yourself and BE UNIFIED in ALL that CAN BE outside yourself!

I, as Master Altebetahn, the Higher Self of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., BRING forth this INVOCATION unto YOU and ALL the SOULS upon the earth.  As we send it DOWN through the DIMENSIONAL frequencies to ALL of the areas of the WORLD:

“ALLOW the UNREST to subside, BRING FORTH a sense of PEACE within everyone’s HEART, to take a MOMENT and REALIZE WITHIN themselves that VIOLENCE is NOT the ANSWER, to ALLOW the COMPASSION to RULE their consciousness, to WALK with STEADINESS and GRACE with EACH movement that EVERY SOUL makes UPON the earth.”

I, as Master Altebetahn, am deeply honored with Divine Mother and Father God to extend MY services unto each of YOU and the MANY SOULS of HUMANITY upon the earth!

Blessed be My Dearest Ones.  Blessed be.

Let us arise out of this destructive energy.  It is a climactic energy.  It is a CLIMAX that is coming to its HEIGHT.  NOW let it HEAL from that and CHANGE what needs to occur.

PRAY for the ONES that are violent, PRAY for the ONES that are creating affliction, PRAY for the ONES that don’t UNDERSTAND!  As we unify together, this is our STRENGTH.

All my deepest gratitude for each of you being here in these moments.

I am Master Altebetahn, Higher Self of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

[Divine Language Network Light Encoding]

To read the transmission of The Cosmic Great Central Sun, please see the Cosmic Oneness blog by clicking this link.)

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 1, 2020; Clarion Temple of Oneness.
(Transcription Services: Carol M.)

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